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Thrall, Ysera, and Others Get New Models!

Wowhead found a treat for us in the most recent Cataclysm model update, including some new models for Ysera, Thrall, and the Guardian of the Ancient Kings! Also in the new update, models for tons of new drakes and mounts, a new surveying tool that will be used with Archeaology, and more. Ysera’s model is above, although right now she’s essentially a recolor of Sylvanas with some horns added – it’s likely she’ll see a few more tweaks before release. After all, Alextraza is based off of the same model that Sylvanas is, but they’ve both been tweaked a bit so you can definitely tell them apart.

There are tons of NPC and other object models as well, including weapons and guild items, so it’s worth looking at if you’re curious what the visual dynamic in Cataclysm will resemble.

Video: Nub Tales ep. 1: Celestial Steed (The Tears of Noobs)


So last week I posted the video “Replace GearScore with TRH,” and as hilarious as it was, there’s another side to this story as well – the side that’s willing to make hilarious fun of the overreaction of elitists and PvP jerks who look at the Celestial Steed and anyone who bought one with disdain – and that parody of the parody is in this video. And yes, it is fantastic.

Too small? Watch the original at YouTube here!

NoxyChu :: Celestial Steed Comic

Celestial Steed Comic by NoxyChu

There’s been a lot of fuss and discussion over the unveiling of the Celestial Steed in the Blizzard Store, and the fact that one can be yours for $25 USD if you have the cash to blow on it. I think the above summarizes my feelings on the matter entirely, although I haven’t dropped the cash on one just yet. I’ve considered it, but the price is a little steep for me. But that’s just for me – if you want one, can afford it, and want to, then by all means I wholeheartedly endorse you buying and riding your shiny star pony for ever and ever.

But the comic above from the lovely Noxychu, whose art I absolutely adore (seriously, go see her work, then buy commissions from her), brings together the fuss over the Celestial Steed with one of my favorite flash games ever in the history of ever, Robot Unicorn Attack, in a collision of epic proportions. I love it.

Now then, who’s gotten their shiny star pony?

Celestial Steed and Lil’ XT Available to Purchase!


Remember when I stumbled on the above video of the Celestial Steed? At the time we had no idea where it would come from, but now we know all too well – we got the word from today that the Celestial Steed and Lil’ XT are both available to purchase in the Blizzard Store.

The Celestial Steed mount is available to purchase for $25.00 US, and the Lil XT pet is available for $10.00 US. Both of them will work at whatever riding level you have, so you don’t have to wait until you level up your riding skill to even use the Celestial Steed, for example.

This will likely re-inflame debate over micro-payments and pay-to-play items in a game like World of Warcraft; but for those of us who really don’t care all that much, we can just sit back, drop the cash if we have it, and enjoy the pretty.

New Recruit-a-Friend Mount Coming: Two-Seater Rocket!

(thanks to for the image!)

Word made its way around yesterday that people using the Recruit-a-Friend service to bring in new players to the game (or just sign up for additional accounts) will have a new perk on the way soon, in the form of a shiny new 2-seater rocket mount!

Bashiok says on the official forums:

Beginning in just a few days, players who participate in the Recruit-A-Friend program will receive a whole new reward for showing a friend the ropes in Azeroth: the X-53 Touring Rocket, a two-seater flying mount that automatically increases its speed as your mount skill improves (up to 310% speed if you already have a 310% mount). The X-53 will be replacing the current Zhevra mount reward, which is retiring from the Recruit-A-Friend business after a good run. If you’ve already claimed a Zhevra (or claim one prior to the change), you’ll be able to hang on to it, of course. We’ll have more details on the new Recruit-A-Friend mount once it becomes available.

I’m a self-admitted unashamed mount fanatic, so this is great news to me – and while the Zhevra mount that everyone got in the past for signing up through Recruit-a-Friend was shiny as well, this is a bit more useful! I mean, after all, you can ride it alone AND you and your friend can head out into the wild and level together on it at the same time! How cool is that?

Celestial Steed Mount Video


I’ve got to get me one of these.

Although admittedly it’s probably some high-end raid drop and rare at that, the Celestial Steed mount that’s floating about in datafiles for Patch 3.3.3 and apparently live on the PTRs is probably one of the most attractive mounts in the game.

There’s a lot of chatter around the question of whether the game’s graphics are in sore need of updating, and if you look at the way the Celestial Steed leaves behind glowing particles when it walks, and the textures of its wings as they flap, you get a feeling for some of the small things that Blizzard is playing with in the way of updates and effects.

In any case though, it’s damned pretty.

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