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Video: I’ve Been Everywhere

I can blame this one on as well, although I don’t particularly want to – this little I’ve Been Everywhere parody featuring locations in World of Warcraft is particularly interesting and heartwarming because after all, when Cataclysm hits, it’ll all be completely different from what we see in this video.

The best part is that – well, I don’t want to spoil the very end, but it’s particularly gratifying, and yes indeed – he has been everywhere. Head over to YouTube to watch in it’s full glory!

Video :: Cataclysm Spoiler :: Garrosh and Vol’Jin Have a Chat

Well, since the only responses I’ve seen both here and on Twitter (you can follow me @halophoenix) to the topic of spoilers is that you want to keep them coming – as long as they’re avoidable, like hiding videos and screenshots under a cut and so forth – I’m going to go ahead and post one of the most interesting ones I’ve seen from Cataclysm so far: a little discussion between Garrosh and Vol’Jin that you get to see in the new troll starting area.

Click the jump to see the video and see my thoughts, but fair warnings, spoilers abound beneath that link!


Video :: Azeroth – A Dedication


Now that Cataclysm is nearly upon us, everything in old Azeroth is about to change. We’ve been told over and over again that the entire shape of the world will change, the landscape will be different, the zones will be different, and the entire game experience from level 1 on up will be different.

So for those folks who have been playing for a long time (folks like me, who have been playing since Vanilla) there’s a rich and massive world to look back on and experience before it’s all either gone or changed.

To help, a few enterprising folks put together this beautiful video, Azeroth – A Dedication to take us back through some of the familiar sights and sounds that got us into World of Warcraft, some of which will likely be the same, and others we may never see on live servers again.

Video: WarLock (Tik Tok Machinima Parody)


My Warlock is entirely too small for me to really really get the old ‘Lock nostalgia (remember when Warlocks were all but the class to have, especially in PVP?) but putting the parody to the tune of the ridiculously infectious Ke$ha song, Tik Tok, is absolutely perfect.

Don’t get me wrong, the video is hilarious enough, but it’s a pretty well done machinima in and of itself, and watching it, regardless of what you think of the song, does make me want to log in and level my baby warlock a bit.

Poor druids – everyone thinks their HoTs need to be nerfed, even locks.

Video: Arcanite Reaper Hoooooo!


Totally yanked this one from because it’s absolutely amazing and I love it. Then again, I love everything that Myndflame does.

Arcanite Reaper Hooooo!

Video: Avatar Days


The beauty of Avatar Days (it’s been making its way around lately) is that it kind of speaks to the point that behind every character moving on a screen that we see when we log in to World of Warcraft is a real person, who has friends and a life off of the computer and likely a family and a real world that they live in.

This came up in conversation with a dear friend of mine when she tried to explain that she only seems to be interesting online. I pointed out to her that she’s pretty damned interesting in person, and that her “persona” online is no less her than her “persona” off the Web – she’s the same person in both places, and I referenced this video, partially because it goes to prove the point that your avatars aren’t some stand-off thing that’s not really you – you put yourself into everything you do, even your forms of entertainment.

Heavy for a silly little video, I know – but hey! I thought it was telling considering the video!

Video: Pulp-Fiction Trailer – World of Warcraft Style


This is fabulous. I adore Pulp Fiction, and the trailer brings back amazing memories, but one of the best things about this machinima parody trailer that I love is how well timed and well put together the entire video is. And how much it makes me want the actual movie done just like this.

Want to blow this up? Head over to YouTube to see it in all its glory.

Video: Replace GearScore with TRH


This hilarious tidbit comes from my friend Lalaranel, who passed it along because well…it has a sparkle horsey in it. And it’s a little trollific satire of the Celestial Steed controversy. Watch, enjoy, and if it’s not big enough for you head over here to watch it at YouTube!

The best part is finding out what TRH stands for.

Celestial Steed Mount Video


I’ve got to get me one of these.

Although admittedly it’s probably some high-end raid drop and rare at that, the Celestial Steed mount that’s floating about in datafiles for Patch 3.3.3 and apparently live on the PTRs is probably one of the most attractive mounts in the game.

There’s a lot of chatter around the question of whether the game’s graphics are in sore need of updating, and if you look at the way the Celestial Steed leaves behind glowing particles when it walks, and the textures of its wings as they flap, you get a feeling for some of the small things that Blizzard is playing with in the way of updates and effects.

In any case though, it’s damned pretty.

Boom De Yada WoW


I don’t know which is better about this clip – the fact that Tirion Fordring and Darion Morgraine are the two at the beginning standing there marveling about how awesome Azeroth is, or the fact that there’s a line in there “My name is Lor’themar”-“Who?”

Absolutely fabulous. Want better quality? Head over here to YouTube to see it!

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