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Dinging 60

"Ding 60" party

Making it to the supreme level of 60 is something every WoW player aspires (and after the expansion pack we’ll be dreaming of level 70). It’s such a special event that my guild, Lords of Honor, decided to celebrate it. A guild member and me have been questing a lot together and waited for both of us to be 1/2 a bar from 60. The guild then organized a raid, following a group of us two into Felwood. There, deep in the Jaedenar cave, we sought out an elite demon and slew it. A few adds later and we both dinged in succession with most of the guild watching from a distance and cheering us on. It was a great ding party and we plan to make it a custom for each member that gets to 60. We go wherever the soon-to-be-60 member wants to go and every guild member is invited, regardless of level. We even escorted two level 12s into the cave and they only suffered a few deaths. It was good fun and I hope to see it more often and not only in our guild. Dinging 60 means a culmination of hard work, of all the time you spent playing your toon, and probably all the broken RL relations…

Now that I’m 60, the loss of the XP bar kind of makes me feel empty…

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Lonely hunter seeks guild for good time

noguild.jpg It was always our plan to start our own guild when a couple of friends and I rolled new toons. But it was never meant to be – for fun we joined one, didn’t like their play style, and then all quit at the same time. Today one of my buddies dropped out of WoW, and even considered deleting his characters. So now I’m alone, guildless, and frightened…. ok, maybe not frightened, but I do prefer playing with a good group of people.

So my question is this: how do you pick a guild to join? Do you join one, see if you like it, and then quit if you don’t? Do you wait for personal invites, or ask for recruitment in general chat? Go on the guild forums? I’ve had one good guild experience with my main, but I never play her anymore. That guild has since fallen apart (apparently the guild master decided his girlfriend was more important than WoW… *scoff*). Anyhow, how does everyone get their “guild on?”

Patch 1.11 Coming down in chunks

Here is the blue response on the Mac tech forum

You are receiving pieces of the upcoming 1.11 patch. It will accumulate and not activate in any way until the actual patch release day, which is some time from now.

You have the option to disable background downloading by visiting the preferences menu of the background downloader app while it is running, and turning off the “Enable Background Downloading” checkbox.

I’d link it but I can never get blizzard forum links to work.

6.5 Million

The latest revision of the MMOG Chart has been released. World of Warcraft is reported to be at 6.5 million subscribers. (via Waxy)

Lineage and Lineage II are the only current competitors to WoW, but even they are showing weakness in the face of WoW’s amazing growth. Browse around and take a look at all the different way the subscriber data has been sliced and presented.

De-Elfing the Horde

For the Horde. “What can you do?” asks Skirmish, our Warrior. “You either roll Alliance and have Night Elves or Horde and get Blood Elves. Where can a man go and smash faces without having to tolerate that bouncy crap around?”

Skirmish and others might get help from an unexpected angle. As far as I know, about 60 to 80 Horde players on varying realms have purchased new accounts and silently re-rolled Alliance. The one and only goal? To eradicate all Blood Elf spawns on Day One. Rogues, Warlocks, and Priests seem to be the popular choices, classes ranging from Gnomes to Dwarves, few humans, and – of course – no Night Elves.

The “Bloody Elves? Not in my Horde!” bumper sticker sold over 800 times since its announcement on the forums, guild petitions to not admit any BEs into established groups, and personal pledges to “neither group with, help, or otherwise further” the “worst case of landmass infestation since the Scourge”.

I, for one, just got my Gnome to 48. That should be enough to stealth in, kick some Mushroom Vendor butt, and Vanish out. But just in case, I’ll add some more levels.

4.3 million…

Two thirds of WoW’s worldwide population come from one country alone, and a battle is beginning to heat up over every single one of them.

Missed it by *that* much

rank5pain.jpgThe only thing worse than logging in and seeing that you slacked too much the previous week and droped a PvP rank, is logging in and seeing no room left in your honor bar meaning if you’d run one more BG or something you probably would have jumped up a rank. Crap. And since this week is AV bonus honor weekend and horde never wins that, I’ve got to wait until next week for WSG to rack up the bonus wins. Blech.

The theatre of Ironforge

Some friends of mine had to play a theatric scene in an “unusual enviroment” as an assignment, so they chose Ironforge as their stage for a rather short version of the balcony scene from Romeo & Juliet, with a level 19 pally twink and a freshly created female human warlock as the actors.

This is not only a great idea in my humble opinion, but it also faces a very real problem in WoW: What do you do after you hit the big 60? Sure, there’s new dungeons to raid and loot to acquire, but after some time, you’re all set in epic gear and can slay Onyxia with half a dozen people. Something like a theatre play can really bring life and joy to an “old” server, as the slideshow displays.

Also, for me, this is a very interesting take at reversed Machinima – instead of using the game to create a movie, you bring the acting right into it. It’s a bit of the next step after the Velvet Strike movement.

Within a few minutes, the troupe got an audience of about twenty people, and they had to do two encores – one of the balcony scene, and a part from Goethe’s Faust as a bonus. In the end, they got the usual fireworks and blizzards, and even collected a tip of 3,5 Gold – not bad for 15 minutes of fame, I think :)


Around 3.30am Eastern, turning in quests at the Cenarion Hold, I finally reached level 60. Getting the last 40k experience was not as hard as the previous levels, but I was much more determined to get the mark. Of course, I’m at work now trying to keep my eyes open long enough to post. I’m stoked that I reached 60, but I’m also exhausted having spent most of my hours in the past few weeks trying to level.

As stated in my introductory post, this is the first time I’ve reached end game in an online RPG. Now I’ve spent an inordinate amount of time MUDding (Avatar MUD anyone?), dabbled in EQ while hitting a low with SWG. Never has a game kept my attention like WoW has. Great game! Of course, you know that. You’re reading a blog about it. Anyway, in the immense depth that is World of Warcraft, here are a handful of things I’ve observed with my NE rogue over the last 60 levels:

1. Cheap Shot + Back Stab = Great Combo
2. Flying takes longer than it should
3. You shouldn’t solo everything
4. Leather head armor looks stupid
5. I hate murlocs

Albeit, not the most profound observations, but mine nonetheless. How did you guys feel after reaching 60? Was it invigorating or anti-climactic? What did you guys take away from the achievement?


I didn’t get a screenshot, but the humor highpoint of the day on Demon Soul was this message over chat:

“To whoever decided to report my guild name ‘Sapped Girls Can’t Say No’ as being offensive, thanks sooooo much, they’re forcing me to disband it.”

The guild name is a bit too much on the silly side in my mind to be construed as being truly offensive, but I don’t think anyone should be surprised that it was taken down. Of course, to echo an earlier post, This guild-disbanding is brought to you buy the makers of the “How Big is Your Sack?” T-shirt. This makes me want to start an experiment of starting questionably-named guilds and advertising recruitment, and seeing what gets through the filters.

Now forming: “Michael Jackson Day Care”. Only taking characters level 14 and lower.

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