Quick review of the TripleHead2Go


I’ve had my TripleHead2Go adapter for a couple of days now, so it’s about time I wrote a first impressions review…

What I did:

  • Unpacked it, plugged it in, turned it on.

What I didn’t do:

  • Read any instructions.
  • Install any software.

The TripleHead2Go is a little black box that you plug into your video card’s analogue VGA port, then you plug three (analogue) monitors into it. The box tells your computer that you have a 3840×1024 monitor, so that resolution pops up as an option. The video card in the PC I’ve tested so far is Gigabyte’s original 3D1, which is basically a pair of 6600GTs in SLI mode.


  • World of Warcraft: No problems I can pin down on the card. I had to install 1.11 at the same time, so I think the repeatable crash when I use the quest helper function is a bug, nothing to do with the widescreen mode as such. I had to lower a number of graphics options to keep the frame rate up, as I had previously been running with everything maxxed — but without AA. (Anti-Aliasing has been turning itself off randomly anyway, so I turned it off officially a little while back.)
  • Second Life: Not technically a game, but still 3D. It crashes if you try to start it up with any hint that it will be running at 3840×1024. If you start normally in an 800×600 window then maximise it, it’s fine.
  • City of Villains: At first only the bottom quarter of the area would render properly. After playing with a rendering scaling option it suddenly started working and has been fine since. Full-screen non-3D stuff is brutally stretched, but still usable. The UI overlay elements are fine.

There is a noticable loss in quality overall. My left and right screens have problems auto-adjusting and I can’t get a perfect pixel-for-pixel match on them. Also, there’s a bit of wiggle on the right screen. Areas of alternating black and white cause vertical lines to distort by the time they get all the way to the right hand side of the screen. This product is not suitable for a work environment, unless your work environment is a 3D world. People who’ve gotten used to DVI will hate the visual quality — they should probably wait for the Dual-DVI product that will no doubt come out eventually. Luckily, I have more than one PC at home, so this post, for example, is being done on a little 15″ LCD with a perfect picture. Personally though, I love it. I intend to test it on my PC with a 6200 video card at 3072×768 and if it works, get a second Th2G and three secondhand 15″ LCD panels. Heck, I’m falling in love with triple-head so much I’m thinking of replacing a Geforce 4MX PCI in a low-end PC with a Matrox Parhelia — though the frame rate on that machine is already CPU bound in the cities.

I recommend the TH2G if you’re still using normal old VGA on a video card with a decent amount of grunt. Buy two more monitors and you’re good to go.

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