Getting up to speed, part III (updated)


I ran Zul’Gurub last night, my first raid. It was a facinating experience. Mostly I stayed up the back and tried not to be noticed, but I am reliably informed that my healing was helpful. That said, I’ve identified a number of things I can do to help more with such raids…

Details and the update after the jump.

  • Get to 60. Obvious, I know, but raiding XP blows. I thought I’d ding during the raid, but not even close.
  • Remember to stock up on reagents. I remembered to repair, but I’ve got Gift of the Wild and my battle-rez that I should buy more seeds and berries (or whatever) for.
  • Focus on healer stuff. I know druids can tank and DPS, but if you’re not as well equipped as the primary players, you’re going to want to sit up the back and keep them alive. Once you’ve got yourself a nice agility or stamina set, then you can walk into melee range.
  • Learn the Major Mana Potion recipe, which you can only get after you’ve completed the “Butcher” quest chain in Scholomance. I’ll also need to find time to farm the herbs for it and the Major Healing Potion.

Meanwhile, I need to continue working on pre-reqs for quests that take you into the smaller instances. I’ve already done what I need to go back into BRD.

Oh, and thanks to everyone commenting on the previous posts. Keep those comments coming.

Update: This morning I logged on and was immediately invited to Molten Core, somewhat re-enforcing my evaluation of the utility (to me) of Dungeon Set 2. This was my first MC run, but through a stunning display of luck I scored a Cenarion Belt to start off my Tier 1 set. Unfortunately, s belt was one of two items I had for Dungeon Set 1, but that won’t stop me wearing the purple one. Not being 60 stopped me wearing it for a while, but that too has been dealt with.

And here’s a picture:


2 Comments so far

  1. Narvi (unregistered) on July 15th, 2006 @ 8:05 am

    nice one with the belt ;)

    two things concerning major mana potions:
    on my server, the herbs alone go for more gold than the actual potions for some reason, so it may be smarter to buy the potions instead of making them.
    also, get yourself mageblood potions: they are way cheaper and restore more mana than a manapot if a fight lasts more than 3 minutes.

  2. Rob (unregistered) on July 18th, 2006 @ 12:16 pm

    Grats on the belt.

    Let me second the comment on mageblood potions. For high end raiding regen is key (except Vail of course).

    Get your cooking to atleast sagefish delight (6 mana/5) and find a nice ~120 enchanter to turn sould dust into minor mana oils for you (4 mana/5).

    Take a second look at your lower ranked heals and see if you can add one of them into your play style. I use rank 4 healing touch as my primary heal (166 mana to heal for 500-1200 based on crits and +healing gear) – with my mana regen I can cast it all day long and never run out of mana.

    If you are running ZG get the Channelers head quest for an easy way to get an epic belt – I took the mana regen one, but you may want one thats more damage centric.

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