TripleHead2GO Review Followup


I’ve had my TH2G for a little over three weeks now. I’ve been using it heavily, and Matrox have released a couple of updates, so it’s time for a follow up.

First up, I commented that the quality of the image was such that 3D gaming was fine, but serious work was not. I had two problems, squiggly vertical lines and the horizontal width of the picture was not enough to go across the whole screen, causing vertical bands of fuzzy text on LCD monitors. The former was address with software that was bundled with the TH2G (remember, I didn’t install any at first). The latter was address more recently with a patch you can request. The picture is now work-friendly.

Using WoW, however, with the default layout on a triple-head system is a little neck-unfriendly. This can be fixed using MoveAnything — I’ve dragged all the important combat-related data to the center screen. You can see the new layout in the image I’m about to post in my next entry.

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