Spehling and U!

In my guild on Stormrage, whe had a rule. It was one of only four required to join and stay in the guild. “No vowel discrimination”. With 101 keys at the typist’s disposition, there’s really no need to use SMS abbreviations or l337 speak when communicating in Orgrimmar, the guild channel, or anywhere for that matter. Lately, thanks to a global LFG channel, I’ve become even more allergic to the proliferation of bad English.

There’s the mentioned vowel discriminator. “Wut armor u got” is almost as egregious as “lol, ur ghey, nub”. Always well received the “r u” and “wut qwest u do” combinations. “gief water”, “gief bread”, and “port plz” secure the typist an even quicker entry into my ignore list than the well spoken variants, though I must admit I do ignore them, too.

But the crown, the leader, the mother lode, of grievous communication is the misspelling of words we see every day. “Exualted” or “Exaulted” makes me cringe almost as much as “Tauren Mill” or “Ogrimmer”. The spammer advertising “Devaite Delight” needs a good whack on the head as much as the guy looking for a “Rouge” in LFG. If anything, that’d be an item, not a class, and belongs into Trade.

In that vein, “Can any body gif me linnen?” so I can make a rope to hang the biggest offenders? What’s your chat channel pet peeve? Aside from where Mankrik’s wife is, because we all know, asking for that is a Hoard Rite of Passgae.

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  1. Donald (AKA Dreadmoon) (unregistered) on August 3rd, 2006 @ 11:25 am

    It should be noted that some of us are not english speakers by birth, so mistakes are prone to happen.

    Moreover, sometimes, typing in gchat or /w is done while being ganked by a mob, a group of mobs, a boss or an opponent. In those cases, proper grammar may be hard to achieve ;-)

    BTW, I’ve 300 in common language, me no nid inglizh to pley gud!

  2. Onawa (ex-Stormrager) (unregistered) on August 3rd, 2006 @ 11:39 am


    I so agree with you on this one.

    My pet peeve aside from the butchering of the english language, would be people consistanly using the wrong chat channel! Especially those guild recruitments spammed in general. Ugh I hate those…

  3. Burnside of Kargath (unregistered) on August 3rd, 2006 @ 11:40 am

    I can forgive occasional misspelling. I’ve been guilty of it myself from time to time. It’s the leet speak that I can’t stand.

    And if you want a summon from me, don’t waste your time unless you spell and say it correctly.

    People, no matter how wrong they know it is, judge others off first appearances. They then adjust their ideas about someone else, based on that first appearance. On the internet, there is no power tie. If you don’t have good spelling and grammer, people are going to think you’re a retard or a script kiddie. Your words ARE your appearance online, so make a good first impression.

    If English isn’t your first language, say so. Most people will understand and take it into consideration.

  4. Bendyr (unregistered) on August 3rd, 2006 @ 12:14 pm

    Oh, I totally agree! Bad spelling is teh suck.

  5. Macy (unregistered) on August 3rd, 2006 @ 12:52 pm

    I agree that leet speak is my biggest pet peeve. This is because it sometimes finds its way out of World of Warcraft and into real life. I teach at a local college, and the number of times I find “pwned” “lol” and “rofl” in papers has greatly increased my bourbon consumption.

  6. Tom Reynolds (unregistered) on August 3rd, 2006 @ 1:06 pm

    I particularly love it when Guild names are misspelled.

  7. Tom Bridge (unregistered) on August 3rd, 2006 @ 1:31 pm

    I loathe, loathe, loathe bad typing.

    I seriously don’t understand why people think it’s okay to be disrespectful of others in that fashion. That’s really what it comes down to for me. I make an effort to be understandable as a courtesy to the person I am trying to communicate with. Failure to do the same gets you put on the Ignore List.

  8. Matt-Clew (unregistered) on August 3rd, 2006 @ 1:52 pm

    n00bs l2p :P

    i’m just messing with ya’ll :)

  9. The Dane (unregistered) on August 3rd, 2006 @ 2:16 pm

    I would like to point out that WoW has very limited text editing features; so often, when I’m typing a longer string of words (a.k.a., whole sentences), I’ll get ready to hit ENTER only to find that a couple characters early in the string are reversed or goofy – thereby offering up such results as “exualted” or “Stranglehorn.” The options are to make whoever is waiting to hear from me wait longer while I retype the entire string or to put forth a well-intentioned-though-trivially-faulty sentence.

    As much as I value well-considered speech and dislike verbal dross such as “r u rdy,” I think a little grace goes a long way toward not making someone come off as an elitist fink :)

  10. Kemayo (unregistered) on August 3rd, 2006 @ 4:23 pm

    “very limited text editing features”

    Not as bad as you’d think. You can hold down Alt to make the arrow keys work for navigation in the textbox, and clicking within it works to change the cursor position.

    (I’d recommend using Minimalist, which, among many useful tweaks, vastly improves the chat box editing.)

  11. Chris J (unregistered) on August 3rd, 2006 @ 6:03 pm

    The Top 10 text chat pet peeves of ChrisJ.

    10. Spamming four-line Enchanting services in the trade channel
    9. their v there v they’re
    8. People complaining about people complaining about the mis-use of the global LFG channel
    7. People mis-using the global LFG channel
    6. Plural screwups in Trade
    5. People moving from Trade to General to Yell just because they don’t get a response
    4. That ASCII art bunny
    3. Any mention of Bruce Lee
    2. Your v You’re
    1. Any mention of Chuck Norris

  12. Ravven (unregistered) on August 4th, 2006 @ 4:07 am

    I agree with poor spelling and txt or l337 abbreviations – that’s probably my major peeve, and I’ll usually discount/ignore what that person says to some extent. (Yes, there are people that I know personally who have a limited grasp of the English language, but I cut them some slack and enjoy the mangled sentences for sheer entertainment value. Those people are far outweighed by others who not only have flawless English, but a couple of other secondary languages to boot.)

    Other pet peeves in chat would include: idiots talking trash (you’ve probably never HAD sex, would be my guess), people who call everyone else “hun”, people who have to spam LFG channel with requests for others to stop using it as a guild recruitment channel, and people who can’t spell. They’re worth mentioning twice.

  13. Fogarty (unregistered) on August 4th, 2006 @ 9:53 am

    I *heart* Jonas for speaking/typing English better than most native English speakers!

    Being an editor, I’m still pretty forgiving about things like bad spelling — as long as I know someone’s making a damned effort to communicate properly. But crap like this:

    “There taking are flag!”
    “neone no were rouge traynr at?!!11?”

    …doesn’t fly with me.

    I don’t know where the rouge trainer is “at,” but maybe the mascara trainer can point the way.

  14. Sabocat (unregistered) on August 4th, 2006 @ 2:57 pm

    Language is an ever evolving organism. For exampl: You would laugh at me if I called those large winged insects Flutterbys but because snotty little kids for years called them butterflys you think that now that is the “correct” name.

    I’ll buy you all a http://www.cbcshop.ca/CBC/images/products/cpgen/cpgen00017(450).jpg for the next major holiday. :)

  15. phoenix (unregistered) on August 6th, 2006 @ 12:55 pm

    Obscure commentary aside, I think that this should be one of our new guild rules. I’m definitely going to propose this one. ^^

  16. Adriaan (unregistered) on August 6th, 2006 @ 7:30 pm

    The worst is looking for a “rouge”. How can you not see the difference?

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