Brand New Realm

A brand-new European PvE realm opened last Friday, Lightbringer. Along with half of the world, it seemed, I was there at the start – and my god, it was chaos! We all logged in with our list of favourite names, to claim as many of them as possible. I got three of mine :) Most of us, I think, were already potential members of guilds, as people had been forming groups in the week or so prior to the realm opening.

The human starting area was hilarious. You couldn’t kill a mob for love nor money; all you could see were dead wolves and kobolds everywhere, having been simultaneously hit by four, five, six desperate level ones at the same time. Absolute madness, but very funny. So, I went to make a nelf instead, and that starting area was less crowded (surprisingly), so I joined the ranks of nelf hunters trying to level.

The guild that I had signed up to was all set for a weekend of serious levelling, complete with over-caffienated beverage of choice and enough junk food to last for the weekend. When I logged off on Friday night, there were already quite a few people in the guild that had level 12s. I had switched from a mage to a priest because we needed another one…bad choice. I remembered why I, as a solo-by-choice player, have never been able to level a priest: too squishy to solo, too frustrating. I was way behind on the first night.

When I logged back on in the morning, there were level 20s already, who had played the night through. And at that point I decided that I wasn’t hardcore enough to keep up with the class. The rest of the guild will probably be doing MC next week. Me? I’ll be casually playing with my nelf hunter. I admit it…I’m not hardcore.

But it was fun, and I love new realms; as level ones, with no available cash to twink characters, everyone relates to each other differently than they do on an old server such as Aggramar. They’re more friendly, they’re having fun, and although you do have the usual silly, illiterate children being obnoxious, they’re usually slapped down pretty quickly. (And thanks to the one who /spit on me every time he passed me – I wasn’t the only one who thought you were an idiot.)

All in all, it was a good weekend…but I was happy to go back to my main. Even lying dead underneath Nef, I was happy to be back. :)

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