New Kid In Town

Yesterday, I transferred two characters from Aggramar EU to Moonglade, a RP server. (Requested the transfer in the morning, and it was complete by midday – go, Blizz!) As soon as I got home after work, I logged in, checked my bank and bags and such to make sure that nothing had been lost in translation, and then went exploring.

I felt very, very lost, which surprised me. Obviously it was the same world, the same landscape, all the NPCs were in the same places, but the actual people, that mostly-unnoticed fabric that makes up a world, had changed. As a player who (outside of instances with the guild) mainly solos and rarely does pickup groups, I hadn’t realised just how many of the names and personalities I was familiar with: the famous scammer on the server (every realm has at least one that is known far and wide), the usual trolls and people who bitch about others misusing LFG, the players that you notice because of their funny/weird/obnoxious names (and once having noticed them, you seem to see them everywhere), the duelling-outside-IF crowd, the power-levellers that are constantly looking for PUGs. You know the names of the bots and farmers, and where they lurk, and you know which ones have been booted.

And now, that fabric has been changed. Strange feeling, and quite unexpected.

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  1. Dracling (unregistered) on August 18th, 2006 @ 9:10 am

    A lot of servers seem to be losing people these days, and it’s starting to be just as wierd for the people who stay as the people who leave. I know at least on my server we’ve lost all the famous hordies, it’s wierd for us alliance not to be wtfpwned whenever we set foot in BRM or WPL. Anyone else noticing this on their server?

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