Call To Arms

I’d like to tell you all about a nifty mod I’ve been using that makes me happy, happy, happy. It’s called Call To Arms and actually allows the global LFG channel to be what it was meant to be — a global LFG channel.

Personally, I only use it to track LFG/M requests; I haven’t used it to start or join a CTA group yet as this doesn’t seem to be a widely-used feature. The nice thing is, it forwards LFG/M requests from any channel that another player who uses CTA can read — so if I’m in Orgrimmar, and someone in Thousand Needles states in general chat they’re “LFM Arnak Grimtotem” (or, as my levelling buddy says “Wangface Asstotem”) I will see this in my list and can ask to join to get rid of this annoying quest. See what I mean?

It also has a search function, so if there’s 60 LFG/M requests in the list, I can search for ‘BFD’ and see only the instance I’m interested in running.

Best of all, it mutes the LFG channel for you and forwards the requests, so you don’t have to read any of the annoying spam but still get all of stuff you need. It’s tied to a simple mini-map button and scrolls incoming requests in small type near your mini-map. If you click the button, it brings up the entire list and you can search or scroll through. It also displays the class and level of the person advertising, so no more need to do ‘/who omglfgplz!@!’ to see that no, you don’t want to invite that fourth cloth-wearer to your group who probably also is on their tenth run to get the Robes of Arugal.

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  1. Lyman (unregistered) on August 25th, 2006 @ 11:10 am

    Shit that’s cool! I’m gonna download it tonight!

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