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Unusual Hunter Pets

For the hunters among us, I have a question about hunter pets. What are the most interesting pets that you’ve ever had – and why?

My favourite so far has been a black armoured boar from Razorfen Kraul. They are fairly rare at high levels on Aggramar, but when I transferred that character to Moonglade, I was quite dismayed to find out that everyone and his damned brother had one. Hmmph. Anyway, he is pure tank, has a unique skin, eats almost everything, and although he doesn’t do a huge amount of damage on his own, he can hold almost anything so that I can attack from range. His name is Ennui. (Boar-dom? Well, it amuses me.)

There is one very unique pet that you may not have realised that you can now tame…the Ghost Saber.

I Left My Hearthstone In…

I’ve always thought the choice of a home city was interesting. Where do you set your hearthstone to, and why?

Personally? My characters tend to “live” in Stormwind. I know that IF is the residence of choice for most level 60s, and I admit that Stormwind is crawling with fountain-dancing nekkid noobs, but it still feels like a real city to me. Although you don’t actually see any residences, it feels like a place where people live and work. Darnassus, although pretty in a My Little Pony way, feels like a stage set, very sterile. You just know that there are no bathrooms there, no kitchens, nowhere that people actually live. (Which possibly explains the lack of elvish children, and also the Nelf stick-insect physique.) Ironforge is better, but still…I don’t get the impression that there are homes there.

Patch Day!

Here’s the notes.

How Will Blood Elves Change Horde?

I spent this weekend levelling a new troll rogue that will become my PvP twink. (I love her, btw!) I’ve never really played on the Horde side – oh, I’ve started a few alts, but then dropped them fairly quickly. This weekend has been interesting, and I’ve very much enjoyed trying to get her to level 16 in a weekend. I even found myself mentally tapping my fingers on my main during BWL, then being very resistant to going on to do Ony quickly because I wanted to get back to my troll alt. (“Yeah, yeah, I got the Nemesis skullcap, I’m close to completing my Tier 2 set, whatever…”)

My question is, how do you think Blood Elves will change Horde?

Raiding Guilds: Hardcore vs. Casual

The term “casual raiding guild” may sound like a contradiction. I think, however, that a lot of guilds reach the point where they have to make that distinction. The guild that I am in is reaching the point where the difference between “serious” and “hardcore” is starting to cause some friction. This is a friendly, mid-size guild presently on AQ40, looking forward to Naxx. Most of the people in the guild have been together for a long time, and they’re a good group.

Things that would have been acceptable before, though, are now causing friction: rules are being set regarding going AFK for any amount of time other than short “ok, everyone back in five minutes” group breaks. If you leave early on any “wipe run” on a new boss, you are not entitled to bonus DKP. There are increasingly strict requirements regarding all the various sets of resist gear that you must have, and you won’t be invited if you’re not geared up – although guildies will help you get the required kit.

The distance from “casual raiding guild” to “hardcore raiding guild” is enormous in terms of what is required from every member of the guild.

At Last! Something useful to do with Second Life!

Planning WoW instances in SL

I’ve written before about my less than glowing feelings about Second Life. I’ve got friends who practically live there, and guildies who spend tons of time on their own island but everytime I check it out I leave disappointed and wondering “ok, so… ?” Well, some folks on the alliance side of We K(no)W finally figured out something useful to do there – plan raids during Tuesday downtime. Above is my Avatar standing on the UBRS map with a few notations. I’ll admit I only lasted a few minutes in there again this time, but at least it was interesting finally!


After I logged on last night, someone in my guild asked if anyone wanted to run ZF.
“Oh good!” I thought. “A guild run would be a nice change from the PuGs I usually suffer through.”
So even though I’ve been trying to run Mara more lately, at lvl 51 I still had Divino-Matic Rod that I needed to get out of my quest log. So I grouped up. It was me, the inviter (lvl 54 priest), another guild member and two others.

We get into ZF and start working our way though. Things were going ok, I suppose, until we got to the temple. Yeah, you know the part where you release the prisoners and all hell breaks loose? Suddenly we get:
“BRB guys i’m mad thirsty” from the healer.

Solo By Nature

I solo a lot, partially because it suits my playstyle, but partially because I’m not comfortable with people I don’t know. My partner teases me and says that I tend to treat WoW like a single-player game, which isn’t entirely true: I am in a raiding guild, and enjoy hanging out with the guys. I like the feel of “real life” around me, in terms of seeing other players and watching the ebb and flow of chat.

I’m admittedly not, however, comfortable with putting together PUGs or meeting new people in hopes of making friends to quest with. I recently moved two characters to a roleplaying server in hopes of being able to explore a different element of the game; everyone seems very pleasant, and I’ve had no bad experiences, but neither have I a) found a new guild, nor b) met people to group with or roleplay on a regular basis. And so I’m stuck there, without my old guild, my partner or anyone that I know to play with…I feel a bit like the new kid in school, standing around on the edge of the schoolyard.

I hate to admit it, but I’m just not a social butterfly. :(

We’re All Noobs, Sometimes

I’m not new to the game. I’ve had a 60 lock for quite a while now, a hunter that should hit 60 fairly soon, and various mid-level alts, mostly Alliance. Which may have led to my most recent moment of ultimate noobishness…

I’ve been playing an Orc warrior for fun lately, and recently took her to Booty Bay. As picking up the flight path is one of the first things that you do when visiting a new location, I trotted up to talk to the gryphon master.

Yep. Dead in two seconds, before it even dawned on me that a) he didn’t have the green exclamation mark above his head, and b) he was the opposing faction. lol…what are your most noobish moments?

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WTF am I supposed to do at work all day?

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