The Learning Process

My main’s guild has recently started AQ40. They’re a very tight, generally disciplined raiding guild, and (from what I’ve seen since hitting 60 and starting to raid with them) very good at moving quite quickly through the process of learning how to take various bosses in new instances. This has proven a bit of a drawback in AQ40, since we’re a bit undergeared in NR for the bosses that we’re taking, and consequently we’ve wiped quite a bit. When you are farming MC, Ony, BWL, you get used to perhaps wiping here and there on occasion, but overall you make money on the night and hopefully get some good drops. New instances, however, are something else entirely…

It takes discipline and a sense of responsibility to the group, as well as a desire to defeat the boss no matter how many times you wipe. It’s always a bit discouraging to wipe over and over, as well as expensive: last Sunday my repair bill was almost 12g, and last night it was about 9g. Expensive nights, for no loot…not even a bug mount yet!

At the moment we’re at the stage where we kill the Prophet Skeram, wipe on Vem, Lord Kri and Princess Yauj and then decide to bypass them for a while, bring down Battleguard Sartura, then kill Fankriss after several wipes (our first try on Fankriss). Last night we attempted Princess Huruhan, got her down to 22%, which was not bad for a first try, and then went back and wiped for a bit on Vem, Lord Kri and Princess Yauj again to just finish the night off. Expensive.

One of the last wipes on Fankriss was hilarious: we we all ressing outside the suppression tunnel that leads to Fankriss, and one party member had survived somewhere inside the cave. We all rez, and then I hear someone say “WTF!!!!” and ALL the bugs from the suppression tunnel are charging at us in a single mass. I wish I could have thought to take a screenie of that, because it was amazing. We all wiped again, of course. There were also squadrons of them that were flying through the air, which was quite bizarre, since these aren’t flying mobs. Strange glitch, but we all saw it.

I’m proud to be in a guild that is there for each other, start to finish, for the wipes as well as the victories. The learning process for any boss or instance can be both frustrating and costly…but worth it for the right group of friends and guildmates. I would march into battle with these guys…they’re that good.

What are your learning experiences?

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  1. Miztress (unregistered) on September 5th, 2006 @ 8:17 am

    You really should post that last paragraph on our guild forums. : )

    But yes, we have been lucky (and careful) to assemble a group that will persist and wipe until we learn an encounter. I know of some big guilds that call it a night after three wipes – but surely they’re destined to take so much longer to get a boss down.

    Our first night on Fangkriss = dead Fangkriss, our progress has been swift and effective, catching up some of the ‘famous guilds’.

    My learning experiences have usually been quite effective… the first time pulling Geddon in MC – he came complete with a hidden lava pack – and a wipe ensued – now I always remember where they are.

    Hakkar – we learned on him the hard way, before any of the guides were established, and wiped 9 times on our first night of trying him – touch and go to try for a tenth – everyone had repaired once, were tired and thoroughly demoralised – but we said ‘fck it – one last try’ even though we’d lost two people… and lo and behold – Hakkar died (and parted with the BFG I had for a long time!)

  2. ele70 (unregistered) on September 7th, 2006 @ 11:33 pm

    Experience is the best teacher! Like in my case, I need to experience it first until of which learning comes in.

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