How Will Blood Elves Change Horde?

I spent this weekend levelling a new troll rogue that will become my PvP twink. (I love her, btw!) I’ve never really played on the Horde side – oh, I’ve started a few alts, but then dropped them fairly quickly. This weekend has been interesting, and I’ve very much enjoyed trying to get her to level 16 in a weekend. I even found myself mentally tapping my fingers on my main during BWL, then being very resistant to going on to do Ony quickly because I wanted to get back to my troll alt. (“Yeah, yeah, I got the Nemesis skullcap, I’m close to completing my Tier 2 set, whatever…”)

My question is, how do you think Blood Elves will change Horde?

There is a distinct difference, unless my perception is slanted by only having experienced lower levels. Yes, Barrens chat is as abysmal as everyone says, and the 12-year-old boy quotient seems extremely high. But you don’t have the naked dancing nelfs and the stripped-down-to-skivvies bank alts (thank god), and there seems to be a lot less posing in front of the AH that you have on Alliance side. Granted, that could be because I get hopelessly lost in Ogrimmar, and I just missed all of the main hanging-out areas. ;)

So, will having belfs make Horde more like Alliance, or will they still seem more “hardcore”? Will they start sucking more in battlegrounds? (Please, Elune, I’ll be a good nelf and never ever ask you for anything else, just please make Horde lose in BGs.)

I asked a guildmate what she thought, and she doesn’t think there will be a huge influx of previously-Alliance types because they’ll all be playing Draenei (since Draenei are a lot cooler than everyone originally thought they were going to be). She could be right, I suppose.

What do you think?

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  1. Nophutur (unregistered) on September 25th, 2006 @ 5:03 am

    we gonna avoid that very simply : we’re a Troll only guild, we gonna act with BE like with alliance, it’s forbiden to group with a BE, and we have to communicate with them only with emote. If everyone act the same, there’s gonna be really few BE :). So my answer is : yes BE will affect the Horde by bringing those 12 years old to the Horde, and yes they gonna act like they already act on alliance side. BUT if we discourage them, they gonna roll back in their beloved alliance ;)

  2. Xoruka (unregistered) on September 25th, 2006 @ 8:08 am

    As a player, it makes me throw up a little in my mouth. As a player, I know that it will inject the Poison of Noobs Ahoy (Level 10) into the Horde.

    I always get a giggle when I hear that the Devs like like the Alliance/Horde. With this move, it is so clear that the Devs love the Alliance as they seek to destroy the Horde from within.

    What is even better is that, as an Hordling, if I speak ill against Blood Elves (as a player) that I am ousted from my guild. (Yes, it began the process of me leaving my guild.)

    If it ever came down to the Alliance winning this ordeal (when they *shock* move the story along), the Horde will point to the introduction of the Belfs and proceed to slaughter them all.

    I am not anti-Belf, just anti-Noob. I like winning in BG because I am with people who follow strats. Is that so wrong?

  3. WandringSoul (unregistered) on September 25th, 2006 @ 8:31 am

    As a player who’s spent considerable time on both Alliance and Horde, I’d have to say the differences are smaller than a lot of players (usually horde) like to believe.

    Sorry Horde – you’re not more mature, more grown up and more organised, you just have a good rep.

    Alliance outnumber horde on my server – which simply means that the simple laws of average mean alliance have more ‘noobs and nobs’ than horde – who in my experience has pretty much the same ratio of norm to noob.

    Since the introduction of global LFG – these nobs rise to the surface like scum on curdled milk… and are about as tasteful. Last night on Alliance:

    “OMFG, your guild leader’s so fcking gey’
    ‘No, you mum is’.

    Two mins later on Horde:

    “I gave Blackblood a good blowing and I’m not afraid to admit it”
    “OMFG – fagget”

    So – BElfs may attract more 12 yr old anime freaks, but they may also attract more mature players who enjoy the ‘looks-good-gone-bad’ kind of role, and god forbid, perhaps more girls too.

    Dren won’t be the ugly race that Blizz initially presented – but a chunky, cool race (I think the Dren girls are very interesting) and with the shaman class coming to Ally, those that would have rolled Belf may well stay to try shammy.

  4. Xoruka (unregistered) on September 25th, 2006 @ 8:51 am

    Uh, WandringSoul, I will like to counterpoint your point.

    I started out Alliance at the beginning of WoW with 3 other IRL friends. My one 60 is Dwarven Warrior. As much as I love my Warrior, if I had to do it all over again, we should have rolled Horde. (I begged and pleaded with my friends to roll Horde because they got the game 2 weeks before I did. Shockingly enough, they all rerolled Horde eventually. Ye gawds.)

    Yes, the law of averages support that there are more noobs in the Alliance than Horde because Alliance outnumbers Horde 2:1. But our 1 noob doesn’t work 10 times as hard to make up for the wealth of of noobs on the Alliance side.

    Let me give you a nutshell of the noobcakes on Alliance:

    1. I am fighting Earth Elementals in Badlands and proceed to beeline to a Mining Vein. Unfortunately, I had to cross 6 Elementals to do it. While I am facing down 3 at the same time, some dicklickatops Paladin rides in, mines and leaves not so much as to help me out or heal me.

    2. Thinking that was a single incident, I go down south to the Ogre cave and make it to the very end with the boss and two bodyguards. There is a Paladin there waiting. I group and I charge in to tank all three. She fucking walks over to a chest, loots, ungroups and leaves.

    So why does Blizz thinks that Free-For-All wouldn’t solve any issues in WoW? I know it would resolve 99% if asshattery if we were allowed to kill our own faction.

    That is just some of the examples of the asshattery of the Alliance. You ask me, have I ever experienced that with the Horde. Eff fucking no. Buffs, rezzes, heals, assists, aggro (warrior will come in and taunt/sunder/whatever to help me out to kill quest mobs) on their own. PuGs are great. People know what to do in BGs. It is a taste of awesomeness every single time.

    This, of course, is on a realm-to-realm basis. Those incidents with the Alliance happened on Cenarion Circle. Whereas Thorium Brotherhood is so cool that the ALLIANCE is great. (Seriously, they are cool.)

  5. Ravven (unregistered) on September 25th, 2006 @ 9:07 am

    I do think the asshat ratio is higher on some servers than others. I’ve never played on Thorium Brotherhood, but I have transferred two mid-level characters to Moonglade, and overall I would say that players there tend to be more mature, partially since the players themselves police the realm fairly heavily. Extended idiotchat in LFG is slapped down, bad behaviour overall is (nicely) chastised or reported, and the immature players either try to fit in, or get tired of it and leave, one would assume. I can’t answer for Horde on Moonglade, only having played Alliance.

  6. MrPandaren (unregistered) on September 25th, 2006 @ 11:02 am

    1. Most nooby players roll alliance, those with better skills go on the horde (percentage wise, meaning very few roll alliance)

    2. Blood Elves will attract more people, maybe most BEs will be noobs, but one race should not destroy the horde’s pwnage.

    3. I’m considering rolling a mage BE as an alt-main, cause they do look cool but I mainly wanna see the new content and love their artistic city.

    4. Alliance have their points, like zone allegences and friendly environment, but Horde is more hardcore.

    5. Free-For-All would just create chaos… anyone can kill anyone, no point of fractions, no fun in the game at all. Arena gives the moment where you can kill anyone, which is perfectly fine and fun.

    Wanna kill them? Duel the person and DOT them on their last HP (right before ending the duel), that can sometimes work.

    6. There is a big difference. Smaller number of fraction players on the Horde are not similar to the larger portion of noobs on Alliance. Even by percentage, there is a difference. The two conversations WandringSoul pointed out are two common. The type of insults and conversation vary on a maturity scale. There are more jacka**es on the Horde than alliance, and so there is more heated arguments and not just “ur gey!11!!”, or even people just messing around in a mature manner (not mature as in professional, mature as in higher rated content).

    I’ve been Alliance before Horde, and find Horde amusing for more serious play and better conversation challenge than Alliance, but still like the environment of the Alliance (towns, zones, etc) as well. I’m mixed in fractions, but enjoy the horde more to my personality.

    mages FTW

  7. WandringSoul (unregistered) on September 26th, 2006 @ 3:25 am

    Xoruka, I’ve had similar experiences to you on alliance – but I’ve also had mirrored experiences on Horde… like the 60 frost mage who decided he’d be the main puller in UBRS – frostbolt to pull – ice block. Anyone who disagreed got kicked from the party…

    Or the shaman rolling need on every piece of cloth in RFK… or the orc hunter who didn’t want to buy arrows and so meleed his entire way through BFD. It’s so easy to find examples of idiot when you’ve pug’d enough…

    All I’m saying is that a lot of horde players have a snobbery over alliance – and I’m saying that it’s misplaced…

  8. Xoruka (unregistered) on September 26th, 2006 @ 8:02 am

    WandringSoul: I understand that snobbery. Unfortunately for my circumstances of rolling an Dwarven Warrior to 60 and then recently getting a Orc Shaman to 47 and then trying to achieve rank with my Dwarven Warrior, it only fuels, solidifies and justifies that pretentiousness of the Horde.

    Again, with examples. My characters have these commands and common sayings on macro so I say the same thing every single time:

    1. Dwarf Warrior into AB:

    [Dinar-Alleria] Battlegroup: Group 1 to Mines, Group 2 fastcaps Stables and cross river on boxes to to take BS, Group 3 to LM.
    [Dinar-Alleria] Battlegroup: If you fail to cap, fall back to Stables, regroup with 5 and advance again.
    [Dinar-Alleria] Battlegroup: Druids/Rogues: Ninja Farm. Do not call for backup unless we have 4 caps locked down.
    [Dinar-Alleria] Battlegroup: Leave 3 minimum at the node at all times. BS should be enforced with 5 defending.

    What Dinar sees: People not holding nodes, people fighting between flags. Horde PUG 4 caps us. GG.

    2. Xoruka goes into AB:

    [Xoruka-Thorium Brotherhood] Battlegroup: Group 1 to LM, Group 2 fastcaps Farm and cross river on boxes to to take BS, Group 3 to Mines.
    [Xoruka-Thorium Brotherhood] Battlegroup: If you fail to cap, fall back to Farm, regroup with 5 and advance again.
    [Xoruka-Thorium Brotherhood] Battlegroup: Druids/Rogues: Ninja Stables. Do not call for backup unless we have 4 caps locked down.
    [Xoruka-Thorium Brotherhood] Battlegroup: Leave 3 minimum at the node at all times. BS should be enforced with 5 defending.

    What does Xoruka see: Horde locks down BS, LM, Mines. Stables are ninja’d. No little effin’ dots stop in-between nodes. We four-five cap the Alliance. We announce “GG” when we hit 1800.

    Now you say, Horde has racial advantages. Wrong.

    Dinar was honoured and privileged enough to be the 15th person on a 14-man PMG from Spinebreaker in AB. We steamrolled the Horde 2000 to 300 using the freaking same tactics that I try to deploy on the Alliance side and the same tactics I use over and over again on the Horde side.

    Again, pretentiousness is enforced over and over again.

  9. Yunk (unregistered) on September 26th, 2006 @ 8:51 am

    At first I thought we might have an influx of little boys wanting to play bikini clad elves, but then I saw the Draeni, and think that might keep them over there.

    The Draeni females are attractive, perhaps more so, than the female blood elves. And the males are big tough guys – but not monsterous – that would be attractive for them to play. So I think all the little brats that want to dance naked will stay alliance. Also remember, they might want to stay with their friends, so hopefully if it does change it will only be on new servers.

    But then i like athlectic women more than wimpy ones that might blow away so… maybe it’s just me :)

  10. Xoruka (unregistered) on September 26th, 2006 @ 12:45 pm

    I love the Draenei models. As a Hordling, it makes me jealous that you guys get the Draenei and we don’t.

  11. Graithe (unregistered) on September 26th, 2006 @ 5:44 pm

    Speaking as somone who has only been playing a few months, It confuses me when people start talking about how Horde is beetter/more mature/etc. Maybe it’s just demographic thing, which I would like to hope it isn’t, or maybe it’s a server by server thing. All I know is, form the time I’ve been on, (about a week’s total playing time) I’ve noticed that Alliance has only won WSG once, and I ran 2/3 of the flags. Sadly, I notice bits of the immaturity everyone talks about, and for the most part it’s ignorable, and I don’t really remember it. I’m fine.

    But I know I’m gonna take my Nelf Rogue to 60.

  12. Graithe (unregistered) on September 26th, 2006 @ 5:48 pm

    And I know that I run with a mature guild, and I know many mature high levels on my server.

    My point is, yeah sure , Alliance has more N00bs then Horde, but you don’t have to be dissing the mature players who though long and hard about which race they wanted to roll, and actually capitalize there “I’s” and attempt to be legible in chat. The ones who try to give Alliance a good name.

    We deserve respect.

  13. yunk (unregistered) on September 27th, 2006 @ 1:33 pm

    “Dinar was honoured and privileged enough to be the 15th person on a 14-man PMG from Spinebreaker in AB. We steamrolled the Horde 2000 to 300”

    that was you!!!

    /shakes fist in anger

  14. Xoruka (unregistered) on September 28th, 2006 @ 2:41 pm

    Trust me… that has been the ONLY time I won in AB as the Alliance.

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