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Bag O’ Misery


I know this isn’t supposed to be my personal WoW tech support forum or anything, but no one seems to know what has happened to my bags. They’ve looked like this ever since the v1.12 patch. Has anyone else experienced this? It’s driving me INSANE! *sigh*

UPDATE: AIOI FTW! Thanks, everyone!

This seems shady…

So there’s this new contest that Blizzard is running. Maybe you’ve seen it. They’re given away a computer. A Dell. Big deal. They have lots of contests, but this one is a little unusual.

You enter it by completing 25 quests in 5 weeks. Any 25 quests. Repeatables, whatever. Those who complete 25 quests will be entered in the drawing. As with many contests, there are catches, usually what is done with your personal information. Usually, that’s cool. You send in a thing or whatever. You actively enter the contest. In this, you can be entered into the contest without being aware of it. Maybe there’ll be a patch where you agree to it in updated TOS, but my server is down for like 36 hours for upgrades, so I dunno.

Now, with this contest, one of the points in the rules is that your information will be used to sell you stuff. Not just Blizzard stuff. Dell stuff. Dell can start spamming you with the email that Blizzard gave them because you entered the contest (whether you knew you did or not).

Is there an opt out? I suppose there is. Don’t do 25 quests in 5 weeks. You have to hamstring your WoW play in order to to protect your personal information. After the jump is a portion of the official rules as pertain to this concern. There is no segment of those rules for opting out.

We are Family

Last night, I logged on to read this as my Guild Announcement of the Day:
“Help a cool person out. Mootrain has been hacked. We are setting up a fund to get his stuff back.” Mootrain is the the number one PvP’er on my server, and he just made High Warlord last week. Now, he is a naked High Warlord.

When I first started playing WoW, I rolled Alliance. I played a human lock for nine months, though I never reached 60 (I was in grad school at the time, and had to be “responsible). In those nine months, I never knew any of the big players on my server (Windrunner). I was abandoned by guild members when they all switched to full-time raiding. I had made one online friend to quest with, but I had to /ignore him when his flirtations became more earnest. I only knew one person in real life who played, my boyfriend, and it was his account that I was using. I was lost in the vast sea of subscribers.

That all changed when I rolled Horde.

After reaching the level to run Wailing Caverns, I found that people I put on my friends list actually /whispered me when I logged on. I recognized names when running Warsong. I could negotiate better deals on auctions about to expire from folks that I has given healthstones to because I was about to log off. I am aware that this warm fuzzy feeling might have something to do with Thorium Brotherhood being a RP realm, but I really think it’s the Horde factor.

And this Horde factor is causing an wave of outrage on the behalf of the greatest warrior on the realm, and an outpooring of generosity. He’s like NOLA, hacked by Katrina. Stay strong Moo, you will be avenged.

PvP Etiquette?

The more I level on this PvP server, the more time I spend in contested areas. To me, contested zones are what it’s all about, and I absolutely love questing in places like Tanaris. When we first got to Tanaris, our general plan was to leave other people questing alone unless provoked, we’re all just trying to level right? We even helped a Dwarf hunter in Lost Rigger Cover when he pulled half the map with Andre Firebeard — of course, when he didn’t even bother to say thanks, we killed him. Plz, have some manners.

We quickly realized that while Horde seemed to be trying for a live and let live approach (and we outnumber Alliance by a small margin on my server), every time we turned around there was someone in General chat being camped somewhere by 3 Alliance with a few levels on them. So, with a few general exceptions most people get killed on sight, no questions asked. This keeps us fairly safe. Granted, I have a shadow priest attached to my hip at all times, but that doesn’t mean we don’t find ourselves in sticky situations — but these situations are almost always a result of being ganked while fighting something else, and so we get our revenge as best we can. The two of us have been known to ride around a map for an hour mashing a /target macro to find someone who ganked us, and so far we’ve managed to find all but one or two eventually (and usually beating up on someone else).

I find it interesting how truly AWFUL most of the Alliance are that gank us and run away. When we catch back up with them, they’re absolutely horrible PvPers and it wouldn’t even be fun killing them if it wasn’t for revenge. Most of them don’t even want to fight a fair fight, which leaves us chasing after them, spamming SW:P hoping for a blackout proc or trying to get just close enough to dismount and finish a polymorph cast.

Last night we were on the final leg of the Tanaris mechanical chicken escort quest (dude, I would NEVER kill anyone doing an escort quest, and I mean that) and an Alliance priest waited until the last set of mobs spawned, and killed us while four or five guys wailed on us. High class, amirite? So we race back to our bodies, and of course he’s gone. I ask in General for his location, and he’s back in Gadget.

Everyone knows you can’t kill anyone in Gadget without the Bruisers tearing you a new one, but if you’re willing to eat the death you can certainly get your revenge. Which is exactly what we did — came back to find this priest inside the inn with an AFK tag over his head, planned out as much burst damage as we could before we got owned by the Bruisers, and got our revenge. So, so worth it.

I’m interested in hearing more from people on PvP servers — etiquette, stories, the lengths you’ll go to in order to kill that one special person. The closer I get to 60, the more I realize that levelling to 60 on a PvE server has not in any way prepared me for levelling on this one — it’s a whole new game.

Does a healing druid only have six buttons to look forward to in the end game?

I’ve been doing Zul’Gurub on and off for a few months now. While it was presented poorly, it has been pointed out that for mana-efficient healing a druid should only use two different levels of each of two specific healing spells (Rejuvination and Healing Touch). Other than that, I’m needed for Innervate and Rebirth. If I’m lucky, I might get to cast Hibernate, if we need some crowd control.

Is this really all I have to look forward to for the rest of the game? Moreover, is this any better or worse than the other classes?

Gamon: The Ultimate Sacrifice

Poor Gamon. He’s Orgrimmar’s village dunce, head bowed in the corner of the inn like he’s sitting out recess for talking in class.

The residents of the bustling, laggy orctropolis hurl abuse upon the Tauren sad sack probably hundreds of times each day. Every day. Holidays included.

But on Dunemaul, someone decided to take Gamon’s never-ending humilation a few steps further. Someone decided to sacrifice Gamon to the Qiraji…

in Silithus?

Kiting Gamon across a whole continent without even stopping for ice cream!

Read about the fiendish master plan here.

A Home of Our Own

Part of what I love about WoW, and the reason that I spend so much time playing, is the immersiveness that the game environment offers. I’ve watched sunsets and sunrises, I take screenshots like a tourist snapping pics, I’ve stood in Stormwind watching the fireworks, saying “Ooh” and “Aaah” along with everyone else…just as you would in real life.

High on my list of what I’d love to see added to the game is housing. It doesn’t have to be personal housing, but guild housing would be a huge benefit – especially if you could make or buy items to personalise it with. Now, I’m not talking Sims here, but a place to have guild meetings in, an environment for social interaction that is more personal than hanging out in front of the bank in IF. A place to come “home” to.

Haven’t you ever watched the Harry Potter movies and lusted after the Gryffindor common room? How cool would that be?

An evening off

My wife and I have been working very hard this summer, with rarely a day off. This is for all good reasons, and things are going wel, but we needed a break. So she suggests we drive about 45 mnutes to our favorite pub in the town where I lived for 15 years. We always run into a bunch of friends at this place and it’s a nice drive, so we did it.

Do you Vent?

I have to admit that I have always been a little bit hesitant about using external clients like Ventrilo or Teemspeex while WoWing. For those of you unaware, Ventrilo and Teemspeex are two popular Voice over IP clients that allow a group of players to communicate via voice chat using a third party program running in the background. While my initial protests involved technical aspects like possibly impacting my already crappy framerate and latency given my horrible hardware, I have to admit that I was probably a little more hesitant about saying something stupid that couldn’t be deleted (or even worse, could be recorded and become a minor internet phenomenon). Though my main is part of a fairly casual guild that has not yet found the need for massive coordination, I have started a “twink” character in the 29 battlgrounds who has joined a specifically twink-oriented guild on my server in order to make premade raids. After a month or two of playing in silence, they strongly suggested I set up Ventrilo so as to better contribute to and streamline the team’s battleground performance. I took the plunge and downloaded the latest Ventrilo client for Mac, and decided to finally see what all the fuss was about.

The Learning Process

My main’s guild has recently started AQ40. They’re a very tight, generally disciplined raiding guild, and (from what I’ve seen since hitting 60 and starting to raid with them) very good at moving quite quickly through the process of learning how to take various bosses in new instances. This has proven a bit of a drawback in AQ40, since we’re a bit undergeared in NR for the bosses that we’re taking, and consequently we’ve wiped quite a bit. When you are farming MC, Ony, BWL, you get used to perhaps wiping here and there on occasion, but overall you make money on the night and hopefully get some good drops. New instances, however, are something else entirely…

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