First impressions

Ok, I’ve made my way to lvl 5 as a Draenei warrior (female named Violette) on the PvP server (only one PvE and PvP server each in the beta). I’ve already leveled a Shammy pretty far in WoW, so I wanted to try a class I hadn’t played before. I did notice that a lot of players were making Shamans, but that makes sense. Alliance hasn’t had the option before, after all.

I like the Draenei starting area, reminds me a little bit of the Night Elf area. People are chatting about bugs they’re finding, I’ve only seen one so far. If you want to see some screen shots I’ve taken, I’ve posted them up on my Flickr page. More soon, but I’m technically supposed to be on a computer vacation (that means I’m supposed to be like, outside and crap. Good timing).

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  1. Bendyr (unregistered) on October 13th, 2006 @ 9:47 am

    Whoa, the Dranei are much more attractive than all their screenshots made them look (all the shots I saw focused on their… tentacles).

    Doubt I’ll ever be seeing this ship myself as I’m die horde, but it’s very cool stuff. When you get the chance, can you post some screenshots of the map of the Dranei starting area?

    Also, can you comment on how well the Dranei storyline fits into the general alliance “Lore”? Does it feel shoehorned or is it well done?

  2. Bendyr (unregistered) on October 13th, 2006 @ 9:58 am

    Oh! Also! Can you tell us if you’ve seen any of the new Priest racials?

  3. Xander (unregistered) on October 13th, 2006 @ 10:19 pm

    Out of curiosity, how much are you allowed to tell the general public?

    Were you required to sign some sort of non-disclosure agreement when signing onto the beta?

  4. veronica (unregistered) on October 14th, 2006 @ 9:34 am

    No, there is no NDA on the beta. We can share everything!

  5. Cromag (unregistered) on November 1st, 2006 @ 2:56 am

    This might be a geeky question, but could you tell us the Weapon Skills a Draenei Warrior begins with?

    Curious RP’er :P

  6. bla bla stuff... (unregistered) on November 3rd, 2006 @ 8:04 am

    Dranei priest racial spells are Fear Ward and Symbol of Hope. Seen they get also Blessing of Naaru from racial traits, this makes them the definitive race to roll a priest (expecially a shadow one). I thought Blood Elves had been the ultimate casting class, but their racial traits aren’t that good, expecially at high levels, because they scale quite poorly. Adding to that, their priest racial spells are Touch of Weakness (quite a crap spell) and Consume Magic (very good, but not as Symbol of Hope). So, you Forsaken and Dwarf priest, now you know who’s gonna be the new ultimate ass-kicker shadow priest; unfortunately, it isn’t an Orde one, again (Forsaken priest are really good, but dwarf one are slighty advantaged…). Of course, this is not that fair, seen that Alliance already had a race getting Fear Ward, which is castable on the whole party members. Anyway, I suppose the trend will be lamers and newbies rolling Blood Elves (mostly female, as actually sex appeal is quite their only good racial trait) for casting classes (expecially paladins), while Dranei will be quite rolled in the very beginning (mostly as shamans) and they’ll decrease in popularity little by little, stabilizing as a medium popularity Alliance race. Nonetheless, it’s highly likable Dranei shadow priests will become the definitive face melters, seen they get protection from fear, a huge additional healing (usable even in Shadowform) and a whole party mana buff, plus they grant a +1% to hit at the whole party.

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