Alamo teeches U how 2 b banned

Who doesn’t know Alamo? He taught the Durid (if you believe this is a typo I implore you to read the thread while it still exists) how 2 b bare, how 2 be heelz, and how 2 ninnervate. Along with Kralnor and few others, he is part of the World of Warcraft player lore, the ones who did something funny, insightful, or powerful enough to be remembered in perpetuity.

Some get this through community. Others through Blizzard’s own mechanisms, such as the “green” posters, many of which most of us might have a hard time naming.

Alamo used to be stickied on the Druid forums. All across the realms “drink a pot, nub” became the rallying cry of Druids unwilling to spec into restoration, “bare durid is 4 tank, lol” used to be the /say command triggered by SwiftShift. In a nutshell it was good, well mannered, well natured, and clean fun.

Then something happened. The new forums came and stickies became rare. The Druid community, unwilling to lose Alamo, see him – who is something of an idol of the class – go the way of all old threads, asked for stickies and came a-bumping. In a class forum where daily discoveries of more nerfs to the Druid class are about as prevalent as blue postings are absent (other than the one where Drysc claimed that ‘potions and procs in feral forms […] are a bug’, something kinda contradicted by the fact that those acts had custom tailored animations and items received the “Classes: Druid” tag), Alamo brought a smile to the faces of many.

Along comes Coreiel (forum signature: “What I do, I don’t do for you”, good one for a member of the customer service department). A bona fide blue post, a real CM, someone to ask and answer the many questions and concerns Druids seem to have these days. The news? Alamo will not be stickied. Asking for Alamo to be stickied will result in a temporary ban of the poster from the forums. Responding and questioning the decision will lead to a … permanent ban.

Also banned, those who voiced the common “Tom Chilton hates Druid’s” (sic!) phrase. Some posters were perma-banned up three times (on different accounts) asking for clarification on Druid issues, others simply had their threads deleted.

Blizzard’s customer facing side exhibits more and more signs of the god complex native to monopolies and large scale operations. To counter the most prevalent argument, the fact that Blizzard only closed “whiner” threads and derogatory ASCII art, an example: One of the most informative mathematical analysis of DPS scaling, complete with recommendations what to work towards and how to overcome some weaknesses and bugs was deleted after the original author suggested one of the bugs had been known since patch 1.5.

A bunch of insulting and whiny children? Or a class with serious concerns, hoping for “blue” clarification and receiving the death sentence for one of its only light hearted legendary threads, disappointed in the fact that Blizzard communication only happens to take away?

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  1. Ravven (unregistered) on November 21st, 2006 @ 4:38 am

    I’m generally a big fan of Blizzard. I think that they’ve done so much right with this game. Customer service, unfortunately, is an area where they fall short.

    How many forum threads complaining about bots on a realm have you seen closed, and the posters even banned…while the bots themselves continue working merrily along for months, with their cats named Cat and boars named Boar? I was recently trying to do Dragonkin Menace with an alt, and it was impossible due to the number of bots farming that area. The same bots that I’d seen for months. Would I ever complain on the forums? Not unless I wanted to be banned.

    That is extremely poor customer service.

  2. Bendyr (unregistered) on November 21st, 2006 @ 6:58 am

    That makes me sad. The Alamo druid sticky was the one funny thing about the otherwise awful trollbaiting WoW official forums.


  3. beepers (unregistered) on November 21st, 2006 @ 11:59 am

    blizz CS is worthless apparently. a lot of crappy botters got banned but so did it seems did a few innocent bystanders. why? because blizz uses a bot, it’s called Warden, to sniff out “third party” programs. and now theyre banning forum access cuz druids have an idol? lame.

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