The Long Wait

Every blog I’ve read recently has mentioned pre-BC burnout and ennui. Our guild has been doing Naxx runs with 35 members, whereas previously we’ve always had more people than slots available. We’ve had guild members go on hiatus until after the expansion is released, since grinding our way through instances seems very pointless when we all know that BC greens and blues are better than the gear that we can get now. Part of this may be the disappointment that everyone felt after the official release date was announced (no November release despite what had been listed on Amazon, etc.).

Tobold’s MMORPG Blog has an interesting post on Measuring World of Warcraft Burnout. “The number of people quitting isn’t really relevant, the health of the game depends on the difference between the number of people joining and the number of people leaving. So how do we measure whether there is a general burnout of World of Warcraft players in this pre-expansion time?”

How has it changed your experience of the game? If you’re in a raiding guild, are you experiencing raid burnout and poor attendance? Knowing that your rank will be wiped out at some unspecified date in the near future, are you joining BGs less frequently? Or are you still finding the same joy in the game?

Personally, although I admit to being bored to tears with my raiding lock, I still am maintaining almost 100% raid attendance. I’ll admit, though, that it’s a chore. I read when I can, and just try to get through it…which is a very strange thing when we’re speaking of a game that we (presumably) play for fun. My hunter alt is level 59 right now, and I am very much looking forward to doing Strat/Scholo/MC/ZG with her – all the same instances that would bore me to do with the warlock. I do know that that may seem odd, but playing a hunter at that level is new to me, and I’m having an enormous amount of fun with her.

I’ve also discovered AV, and I totally, absolutely love it. I never realised how much fun PvP could be. AB and WSG, at least on our realm, isn’t much fun as we always get pwned by Horde. AV is different, it feels much as a real battle would, it’s fast and random and such a change from raid instances.

The fact that whatever rank I manage to earn is going to be wiped out soon doesn’t really bother me, although I relate to the point that Kinless made recently (good blog, by the way, you should read it): “You know, I’d still be trying to Rank 10 if I had an idea when Blizzard’s Honor Removing Patch was going live. If I knew a date I could count on, I could work within the window possibly to achieve that goal. But to be surprised, tomorrow, or next week, or a month from now… Nah. Not worth it. This is my life. I’m not going to piss away a week of my time to have Blizzard just erase it. If I wanted to do that I’d be playing offline games. I really wished Blizzard cared enough to give us the heads-up of when that patch was going live. But, so far, they’ve ignored the forum pleas for them to do so.” I do understand that, and if I was solely concerned with rank, I probably wouldn’t be doing AV as much as I am.

Am I grinding for rep? Hell no. I hated doing that even when it mattered. What I really love, in the end, is levelling. I love alts, and if allowed would have a hundred alts all levelled to 20 and then forgotten. I love the journey. That journey, for me, would have ended in burnout had I just the epicced-out 60 warlock to play. Having another character with a new journey, however, has given me both a goal to achieve before BC (get her to 60) and things to experience from a new angle.

What about you?

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  1. goodtobebanned (unregistered) on November 22nd, 2006 @ 11:23 am

    i was so burnt out by raiding. it had become such a habbit that the only way i could pull myself away was by getting banned. how many times can one person stand and listen to a guild leader crying about attendence. HELLO IM HERE EVERY DAY, CAN I MUTE YOU NOW? lol but with BC on the horizin i can be 60 in no time and rack up post BC greens/blues and still be competetive. my GF might get mad tho.

  2. Miztress (unregistered) on November 27th, 2006 @ 4:57 am

    Part of the problem we’ve always found as a guild is that attendance ALWAYS drops for ‘wipe’ runs. Naxx is the same at the moment – though it will change I’m sure. After downing Anub yesterday our class leaders fielded many whispers from people wishing to join our guild! lol. Interesting how the chance of fame and purpl3z seems to turn a lot of rocks over.

  3. Dave (unregistered) on November 28th, 2006 @ 1:00 am

    I have been raiding for a year now without missing any days on the raid days. I am burnt so bad and I also am thinking about taking a break, I cant take it anymore. In a good raid of 40 people I really only like about half of them. In vent I have about 14 people put on mute so that I do not have to hear anything that they say. I look forward to bc and dealing with less people and perhaps raiding instances that I want to be in. Every week I am saying that I will quit the 40 man raiding and they I show up anyways. This week is three nights in aq 40, and two nights of having C-thun kill us….(PEW! PEW! PEW!) I think I will have to make an excuse not to be there for any of the raiding nights because I am losing my mind.

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