When Highlord Kruul Comes to Town


I logged on yesterday evening to check my mailbox and toss a few shards up on the auction house and was greeted with panic and screaming. I ran outside Orgrimmar to see what was going on and ran smack in to the ass of Highlord Kruul, a lieutenant of Kazzak. This is the second part of the Burning Crusade openeing event.

He shows up at a capital city and walks in and kills everything in his path. He heads through to the leader and is merciless and efficient. It takes a dedicated raid to pull him down and there has to be no outside interference at all, as every death that Kruul causes returns him to full health. When I was in Orgrimmar everyone was hearthing back and flying in to see him and the bodies and bones covered every surface.

A few seconds after he walked past me I was two-shotted and saw this charming message.


It seems that Blizzard got the inspiration for this world event from this legendary Kazzak-kiting from last year.

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