Overheard at Burning Crusade launches

From a surprisingly good-natured thread at the WoW forums, here are choices quotes overheard around the world from fans waiting in line to purchase The Burning Crusade (note: entries have been edited to improve readability and to remove l33t spelling, which gives me hives):

Mauhcayotl on Silvermoon:
Person 1 : So what server you guys on?
Me : Silvermoon. It’s PvE
Person 2 : Awww. PvE??
Me : Yeah…
Person 1 : What’s your character?
Me : … … Gnome Warlock…
Person 1 and Person 2 : Gnome!? Warlock?!?! Hahahaha!!
Person 3 (from in front of us) : Man, mentioning that you’re a gnome warlock out here is the only way to get ganked in real life!

From Kylos on Draka:
Person 2: You don’t delete your characters just because you stopped playing the game!
Person 1: But he was so ugly!
Person 2: Even if you think you’re never going to play again, you don’t delete your characters!
Person 1: I made him when i had a computer, but then i upgraded it and saw how ugly he was!
Person 2: Never delete your characters!!…

Bignoob on Gorefiend submits:
We had to stand outside EB because they would not let us in until 12. It’s damn cold outside in Canada. People were yelling about how they need to get their Frost resist up to protect themselves from the cold. Or were tring to buy gear with better cold resist.

Then people started talking about how they would get into the store based on their class skills

“Hey man you’re a rogue. You have 300 Lockpicking; open the damn door.”
“You’re a Priest, just MC the Shop owner. The door is glass so LoS is not a problem.”
“Well I’m going to be the first one through the portal because I can bubble hearth home.”

Then the first person to actually get their copy of the game screamed “LLLLEEERRRROOOOYYYY Jenkins”

Quoted by Ninkasi on Gorgonnash (can’t find the original post):
Well, I for some god awful reason have a very beautiful fiance, though I am way to ugly and nerdy to deserve her. Here is our convo in line:

Me: “Dude ##*% STV. Allies everywhere.”
Nerd in front: “Maybe if you didn’t roll Horde you wouldn’t suck so bad?”
My Girl: “Maybe if I wasn’t sucking him while he’s in STV he would stand a better chance?”

Nerd in front: “….”

Long Pause

Nerd Behind: “You’re my hero”

Kazeyo on Onyxia adds:
Guy 1: Dude, they should like let horde buy the game first, we’re cooler anyways, anyone under 18 is probably alliance.
Guy 2: Totally, i bet that guy there is alliance.
Guy 3: *turns around* (is actually old but looked young from behind because of clothing and is wearing a paladin warcraft pin), What?!
Guy 1 & 2: For the Horde!
Guy 3: ….

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  1. Keystone (unregistered) on January 17th, 2007 @ 2:40 pm

    The guy in front of me was an Undead Warlock and he smelled like crap. I had to hold my breath because he stunk so bad!

  2. veronica (unregistered) on January 18th, 2007 @ 10:02 am

    el-oh-el! check out the pally in line in sunnyvale

  3. Peebers (unregistered) on January 18th, 2007 @ 10:26 am

    lmao. Big ups to the GMs of Dire Beef on Dark Iron. i met em inline at gamestop in sprindfield. i went up there cuz i thought it’d be cool to talk about WoW in public with local nerds. i was right.

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