Working As Intended?

Has anyone noticed an increase in the GM phrase “this is working as intended” in relation to obvious bugs? If you play a hunter, you have noticed a huge increase in the amount of mobs that ignore your feign death – it isn’t resisted, they just don’t seem to see it. This is, according to multiple GMs, working as intended. Okay…

A friend just pointed this post out from the forums. The text (for those of you unable to access it from work) reads:

So there i was, flying around netherstorm on my shiny new flying mount, when it occurred to me i had entered combat, confused i looked around, only to realise my pet was running along the ground 40 yards underneath me piling through mobs. While this wasnt a serious concern unless i stopped, it began to worry me. Then flying over a gaping chasm that was an infinite drop into the nether, i happily soared over on my griff, only to watch my piggy selflessly pile straight over the cliff into the nether to its death.

I brought this up with a GM and he stated that it was working as intended. Why would you intend this u cruel evil pet-killing gits? My pet is so stupid and defenseless that he even kills himself now! I was offered the option of dismissing the pet everytime i mount up……..but as well as that being a pain, it loses him happiness. Can’t you just make it despawn the same as when we use a flightpoint?

This seems to be a standard response to most reports of bugs or game issues lately. Has anyone else had the same experience? Although the GMs that I have spoken to have been uniformly polite (to excess), this lacks something in terms of customer service.

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  1. veronica (unregistered) on January 23rd, 2007 @ 1:40 pm

    That’s horrible! I have noticed the “continue killing me despite feigning death” situation myself, and it wasn’t pretty.

    But the suicidal pets, bravely following you to their certain deaths, is very upsetting.

  2. Michael (unregistered) on January 23rd, 2007 @ 3:22 pm

    Ask a GM “why is it that many of my warriors intercepts on a target leave me nowhere near the target or facing the wrong direction”

    GM answers “working as intended”

  3. Chris Hanel (unregistered) on January 23rd, 2007 @ 5:12 pm

    “Okay, GM, If you know that it’s working as intended, then you should have no problem giving me an explanation why this is believed to be the optimal function of this feature….”

  4. Miztress (unregistered) on January 24th, 2007 @ 2:30 am

    I had an interesting chat with a GM about the FD issue as it appeared the day after the mini patch befoe TBC. He assured me it had been this way since the Before the Storm Patch, I assured him that myself and the other guild hunters knew this to not be true. He went on to tell me, it’s fine – and working as intended. I told him that he was patronising me and had no idea about my class abilities or quirks.

    After that I submitted another ticket, and got a different GM, who told me that yes, it IS working as intended, however they’re aware of the need to make it more obvious to the hunter suffering from it that they need to know which mob has been ‘fooled’, and which mob hasn’t.

  5. Xoruka (unregistered) on January 24th, 2007 @ 5:50 am

    I don’t think they are slacking in this regard.

    Blizz has made changes the game and especially to the classes. All the classes had beta testers who reported back “wevebeenpwnzednerfbatahoy”.

    Here is the deal: we haven’t figured out how to play the game again. What worked in pre-TBC may not work in TBC. You have to revise.

    When they report “working as intended”, they really meant “we are not going to tell you how to play, you will figure it out yourself… I promise you.”

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