Favorite Outland Quests: Digging Through Bones

arthas_cousin.jpeg There are many quests in the Outlands that are vast improvements on their terrestial counterparts. The dialogue is snappier. The show is flashier. The bombing runs are . . . well, there are bombing runs. One of the funniest quests yet is “Digging Through Bones” and can be found at the Sha’Tari Outpost in Terokkar Forest. A group of Dwarven archaeologists led by Chief Archaelogist Letoll need escorting and protection on their way to a dig site.

Yes, it’s an escort quest. But the dwarves are badass and dont really need much protection. The quest is listed as Group, but it is very easy to solo.

You escort them across the wastes, past two scorpions, and to the dig site. They begin digging and then they begin talking, and that is when things get interesting:

Chief Archaeologist Letoll says: We’re here! Start diggin’!

Chief Archaeologist Letoll says: I think there’s somethin’ buried here, beneath the sand!

Chief Archaeologist Letoll says: By Brann’s brittle bananas! What is it!? It.. It looks like a drum.

Explorers’ League Researcher says:
Wow… a drum.

Explorers’ League Researcher says: This discovery will surely rock the foundation of modern archaeology.

Explorers’ League Researcher says: Yeah, great. can we leave now? this desert is giving me hives.

Chief Archaeologist Letoll says: Have ye gone mad? you expect me to leave behind a drum without first beatin’ on it? not this son of ironforge! No sir!

Explorers’ League Researcher says:
This reminds me of that one time where you made us search silithus for evidence of sand gnomes.

Explorers’ League Researcher says: Or that time when you told us that you’d discovered the cure for the plague of the 20th century. What is that even? 20th century?

Explorers’ League Researcher says: I don’t think it can top the one time where he told us that he’d heard that Arthas’s “cousin’s” skeleton was frozen beneath a glacier in Winterspring. I’ll never forgive you for that one, Letoll. I mean honestly… Arthas’s Cousin?

Explorers’ League Researcher says: I dunno. It can’t possibly beat the time he tried to convince us all that we’re actually a figment of some being’s imagination and that they only use us for their own personal amusement. That went over well during dinner with the family.

Chief Archaeologist Letoll says: Shut yer yaps! I’m gonna bang on this drum and that’s that!

Explorers’ League Researcher says: Say, do you guys hear that?

Chief Archaeologist Letoll says: IN YOUR FACE! I told you there was somethin’ here!

And then . . . well, I won’t spoil that, too.

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  1. Buer (unregistered) on January 25th, 2007 @ 1:14 pm

    LOL I never thought I would see a Goonies reference in WOW.

    “Like the time, you ate your weight in God fathers pizza”

    “More amazing then the time Michael Jackson came over to use the toilet”

  2. James Foreman (unregistered) on January 25th, 2007 @ 2:41 pm

    I’ve noticed better quests in the draenei starting areas, too. Sure, you still have the kill/capture/collect/cooperate quests, but the writing is better, and there is a lot of variety. I recall one specific quest wherein you have to climb to the top of a hill and destroy the statue of Azshara there. Another naga quest involves killing their leader and pounding a banner through his corpse.

    This game didn’t just getting a content upgrade, it got a quality upgrade, too.

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