Thrall Returns Home

It was late afternoon on the plains of Nagrand as I stood before Hemet Nesingwary. I held in my hands the heart of a giant elekk queen, and we were discussing my reward when the drums of a thousand war kodos came up over our conversation and smothered it. The thunderous sound of all those war drums, lead by the howls of the Frostwolves of Orgrimmar, was one I felt deep in my chest as they ran by.

Much to my surprise, I recognized their livery, that of Thrall’s own honor guard! Was the warchief truly here in the Outland? He was. He, and Drek’Thar, ran by on their wolves, headed for Garadar. Finishing up with Nesingwary, I mounted my war raptor and headed into Garadar to see the warchief’s arrival. As he approached the city limits, his honor guard lined the road, the wolves howling their salute to the chief as he paced in on his mount. Dismounting at the gate, and carrying his fabled Doomhammer, he walked to the center of Garadar to see Garrosh Hellscream, chief of the Mag’har, as well as the Greatmother herself, now dying in the hospice in Garadar.

Their reunion was one I shall never forget. The joy of reunion, the sadness of the Greatmother’s condition, the relief and pride of Garrosh Hellscream at learning the true fate of his father. Without question, one of the finest moments in the Outland, thus far.

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  1. Ross (unregistered) on January 29th, 2007 @ 1:15 am

    I just witnessed this tonight… It was quite an experience, although lessened somewhat by the farting undead warlock chasing Thrall around. Still, we gave Thrall an honor guard – never has /kneel been used so much :) I can’t wait to do this one myself…

  2. Mojo (unregistered) on January 29th, 2007 @ 11:00 am

    Which quest triggers this?

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