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I Take It Back

I’ve written in the past about the changes to raiding guilds that the new, smaller instances are going to bring. As a member of a Naxx raiding guild, I really dreaded it. But now we’re a week into TBC and you know what? I think Blizzard made the right decision.

We’re having a two-week hiatus on raiding, so that we can all explore new content and level. We all seem to be having an enormous amount of fun, and the guild dynamic has gone back to the casual comraderie of more social guilds. We come together as needed for quests and instances in different combinations, everyone is posting funny or infuriating things that are happening, and it’s been great.

Tbh, I am dreading having to go back to Naxx…

Working As Intended?

Has anyone noticed an increase in the GM phrase “this is working as intended” in relation to obvious bugs? If you play a hunter, you have noticed a huge increase in the amount of mobs that ignore your feign death – it isn’t resisted, they just don’t seem to see it. This is, according to multiple GMs, working as intended. Okay…

A friend just pointed this post out from the forums. The text (for those of you unable to access it from work) reads:

So there i was, flying around netherstorm on my shiny new flying mount, when it occurred to me i had entered combat, confused i looked around, only to realise my pet was running along the ground 40 yards underneath me piling through mobs. While this wasnt a serious concern unless i stopped, it began to worry me. Then flying over a gaping chasm that was an infinite drop into the nether, i happily soared over on my griff, only to watch my piggy selflessly pile straight over the cliff into the nether to its death.

I brought this up with a GM and he stated that it was working as intended. Why would you intend this u cruel evil pet-killing gits? My pet is so stupid and defenseless that he even kills himself now! I was offered the option of dismissing the pet everytime i mount up……..but as well as that being a pain, it loses him happiness. Can’t you just make it despawn the same as when we use a flightpoint?

This seems to be a standard response to most reports of bugs or game issues lately. Has anyone else had the same experience? Although the GMs that I have spoken to have been uniformly polite (to excess), this lacks something in terms of customer service.

The Daily Blink: #3


Planning Shenanagins

the founding of <We Ho>Some folks know I run a guild on Eitrigg called We No. Well yesterday we started what will be the hottest, blondest, blood elfist guild EVAR. We Ho. Massive dance parties are in the planning stages. If you want in on it, roll a blond, female, blood elf on Eitrigg and look for ‘Iwantcandy’ (or more likely ‘paineater’ or ‘boltthrower’ – I can only take a few moments of blood elf at a time without getting sick).

The Sincerest Form of Flattery

I was reading my online comics today and was inspired to see if I could beat the race. I won.



A hunter’s dream


Someone in my guild linked this tonight in guild chat. It can’t be right, but man oh man… a little hunter can dream!

Wanderlust: The Exodar


The Uneasy Truce

All across the Outalnds, Horde and Alliance are passing each other by without slaughter and without bloodshed. An uneasy truce rules the land. Everyone is so excited to be questing and exploring, to be getting new gear and new skills that the petty squabbles of the War have been set aside. The Burning Legion is here, and they are enemies to us all.

The Truce, however, is fragile. A stray multi-shot or AoE is all it takes to turn a questing zone into a riot. Forge Camp Mageddon last night exploded after an Alliance warrior (I’m looking at you, Odeon) got tired of competing with the noble Horde for mobs and started ganking. The Horde fought back, more Alliance jumped in to defend and soon the Truce was a shadow of a memory and Odeon lay dead by my hand. Twice.

I encountered the same thing at Zeth’Gor. Too many people in too small a place. Tensions ran high and erupted and player killed player for hours on end. I haven’t seen much PvP in the tower objectives yet, but I have seen a lot in the dense quest zones. The Truce wears ever more thin in the Hellfire Peninsula. There were wide reports of rogues ganking lone travellers, druids appearing from nowhere and ruining a pull. Be careful out there and keep a sharp eye, this Truce cannot hold.

Forget those epics, check out my greens

One thing I (and everyone else who took part in the Beta) noticed was the insane stats on the green drops in the new areas. I assumed these would be nurfed to all hell before the release. Well, they haven’t. In the first day or so that I’ve been playing I’ve replaced all the Tier 1 and Tier 1.5 items I had on my priest and my lock with green drops and quest rewards. The only purples I still have on are HWL PVP items, and those will probably get axed within the next level or so with rep rewards or better drops. This is insane. Items I spent weeks doing crazy amounts of grinding for are being replaced in less than 30 minutes of kill/collect questing. Wowza.

And Then There Were A Kajillion


I rolled a Draenei Warrior. I intend to train in Jewelcrafting. Yes, that makes me part of the problem. But that doesn’t mean I can’t complain about it.

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