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How to earn 1,000G in two hours

From Fanfan on Mal’Ganis the WoW forums:

Strapped for cash? need to buy epic flying mount? Want to make 1000g in 2 hours?

Nagrand – Elemental Plateau (67,23)

Wind Elementals = Drop 1-2 motes of air, 10x combines to 1 Primal Air = ~20g per
Fire Elementals = Drop 1-2 motes of fire, 10x combines to 1 Primal Fire = ~25g per
Water Elementals = Drop 1-2 motes of water, 10x combines to 1 Primal Water = ~20g per

2 hours of farming yielded 978g

Nagrand – Lake South of Throne of Elements (58,26) under the water

Water Elementals = Drop 1-2 motes of water, 10x combines to 1 Primal Water = ~20g per

Netherstorm – Ruins of Enkaat (34,57) north of area 52

Mana Wraiths = Drop 1-2 motes of mana, 10x combines to 1 Primal Mana = ~15g per
Rock Elementals = drop 1-2 motes of earth, 10x combines to 1 Primal Earth = ~10g per

1 hour of farming yielded 500g

Shadowmoon Valley – The Hand of Gul’dan (47,45)

Fire Elementals = Drop 1-2 motes of fire, 10x combines to 1 Primal Fire = ~25g per
Rock Elementals = drop 1-2 motes of earth, 10x combines to 1 Primal Earth = ~10g per

2 hours of farming yeilded 840g

The method relies upon crafters needing lots of the new primal essences for many decent high-level craftables, and is pretty ingenious. There is a very strong demand for these right now as everyone is rushing to skill up their professions. I can see the price dropping somewhat if everyone begins doing it, but the primal essences have a low deposit amount on the auction house, which makes them well-suited to waiting for a high buyout.

I may consider doing this once I run out of quests, if I’m still shy of the 5k I need for my epic flying mount.

Snakes On A Plane


Nicole Lee just posted this on flickr and says this scene is located near the Nesingwary camp in Nagrand. So awesome.

The Bugged Crusade and Customer Service

In the space of twelve hours this weekend, I ran into four bugged and impossible quests. if it had been one or even two I may not have minded much. But four seemed like a lot, especially considering they were all group quests and one of them was necessary to complete a larger chain.

On Friday night I ran the crypts of Auchindoun with my guild, the Forgotten Legion. It was a solid run with only one wipe at the very last boss when a shadow-clone got a lucky hit on our healer. I had two quests for the crypts: “Auchindoun . . . ” and “Everything Will Be Alright“. After the boss died, someone in my guild started talking about a giant crystal face floating above me. I thought he was joking. I looked all around and saw nothing. My guild mates targetted the giant face, D’Ore, but when I targetted them I couldn’t see it. I filed a ticket with a GM. This quest was the next step in a massive chain in Nagrand where you free the spirits of the orcs of Garadar, so i really wanted to complete it.

At the entrance to the dungeon there should’ve been the spirit of a grandfather to accept the quest “Everything Will Be Alright”. I couldn’t see him either. I amended the GM ticket and was alternately consoled and mocked by my fellow questers.

I stayed online for a few hours, hoping I could get a GM response. I also emailed the GM group at Blizzard. I went and quested some more and then logged off. One of the absolute worst features of the GM system at Blizzard is that the moment you log off–or in some cases disconnect–your GM ticket goes away. You get an email saying it’s being looked into, which I don’t believe for a second.

On Saturday morning I logged in to quest again. I hit the Blade’s Edge mountains and teamed up with a group to do missions for Rexxar, Hero of the Horde. It seems there were some ogres that needed poisoning and killing and a wyvern to rescue. This lead to the now infamous “Showdown” quest, which is notoriously bugged. When we finally got to that part after dealing with the insane respawn rate of the elite ogres we found that the giant mob we were there to summon was already there, chilling out, watching us kill his minions. He didn’t seem to mind and was very nimble as he evaded every attack I threw his way. I filed a new GM ticket and was disgusted with Blade’s Edge, so I moved on to Netherstorm and the quests of Area 52.

Near Area 52 I happened upon a downed Fel Reaver and a goblin who wanted his heart. i teamed up with a druid and rogue who were in the area and we started the quest, only to find that the heart was spawning deep underground and unreachable. I amended my GM ticket, again. Later, while questing, I noticed that the ticket had disappeared without a GM so much as contacting me. So I posted on the Customer Service forum.

Four bugged group quests. Two GM tickets that were never answered even after waiting over four hours. All of my emails to the GM department were returned with automatic responses telling me first that the quests were working as intended and that I needed to read the quest log closer, then that it was a known issue, then that my information was useful to Blizzard and they would add it to their own and then, this morning, a note saying that I should address my queries to the accounts billing department. Because apparently the billing department now handles bugged quests.

The bugged quests are annoying but the utter lack of customer service is appalling.

Lost Disks and You

My unique method of organization, which I call organized clutter, sometimes skews a little closer to the clutter part.

Case in point: my World of Warcraft install disks.

I lost them ages ago. I formatted my PC and did a clean install of Tiger, leaving both of my computers without my drug of choice. After a bit of searching, I somehow found myself holding two (2) copies of Disk 4, rather than a single copy of Disks 1-4. I still don’t quite know how that happened.

Luckily, Blizzard has anticipated such an eventuality.

You, too can lose your disks and download the 3.5 GB install package from their very own website (note: the Free Trial Client is also the full client). Because it’s the Windows installer and the Mac installer, I can use it on every computer I own! I burned it to a DVD for that specific purpose.

But what if you lost your Burning Crusade disks, too?

Don’t worry. They’ve got you covered. Now that Blizzard has begun a no-disk online upgrade option, you can download and activate a Burning Crusade upgrade if you haven’t done that yet (for shame!). If you already activated an upgrade (by purchasing it in the old fashioned way, via retail), then you can just download the expansion! Easy!

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