Of QQ, pew pew and the design of the different classes

So far I have two main toons, Dreadmoon and Slimme, both 70, both belonging to a “this is the most nerfed class on the game” category: Druid and Hunter.

Of course, if they were anything else, they will still belong to the same category. After all, our class is hugely underpowered compared to any other class around… right?

As part of my “learning the class” experience I tend to visit the Class forums in the official World of Warcraft site. And let me tell you, that is a trip…

Every single class forum I’ve been to is filled with, mainly, 3 types of posts:

1) QQ from the class players. While there are valid comments related to the way some abilities or talents have been designed, most posts seems to be cry outs from players that want to have a god-type toon.

2) NERF NERF NERF post from every other class, specially those that are not a good match on 1 v 1 PvP. They just shout and beg for the class to be nerfed (changed in design to reduce their over powerdness)

Most of the QQ and NERF posts reflect the idea that any class should be able to go PvP to any other class and win. So if I am playing class A and I am killed in a duel by someone playing class B that can only mean that class A is underpowered or that class B needs to be nerfed.

Both type of posts seems to forget the fact that a large part of this game is based in teaming with other players.

3) Informative class related posts. These are the posts that make the visit to the class forum worthwhile. These are the posts that explain certain game mechanics related to the class, discuss gearing options and talent choices for the class. Thankfully, a lot of these great posts have been “stickied” so people can easily find them.

Now, getting back to the different classes, how do you feel?

I am the kind of player that enjoys the game and tries to take advantage of the talents and abilities of my toon without actually worrying of what will happen in the next patch, which basically means: less QQ and more Pew Pew

Do you feel that endless complains serve a purpose when it comes to posting in the official forums? (BTW, as a Druid I can spend hours here discussing our issues ;-) )

Note: QQ refers to the emote of two eyes with tears in them = crying.

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  1. Anais (High Voltage - Arathor EU) (unregistered) on August 28th, 2007 @ 2:03 am

    Cheers for explaining the QQ bit – been looking for an explanation on those for a while :D

    Whining about certain things does serve a purpose. The mage forum (my first main) is usually full of whines about arcane missiles not working and blink bugs. These are valid concerns and break your gameplay – PVE/PVP are no fun if you’re constantly falling through the world. Likewise with the complaints about the druid’s (my new main) cat form melee range which makes us soak up lots more damage than rogues and fury warriors. By constantly moaning about them, you can only hope that the development team finally gets around to fixing them.

    All the cries about nerfs (e.g. the outcry over the pending windfury nerf) are usually fruitless. If the development team changes gameplay mechanics, they usually have a reason for doing so and an avalanche of whines and complaints won’t change their minds (at least not easily). Yet with enough backing, it might make them reconsider.

    Crying for nerfs is just plain stupid. Learn to accept that in certains combinations, people cannot be stopped by certain other classes. The entire game is based around the paper/scissors/rock model – in the end no class is superior to all the others (nor should it be).

    More pew pew, less QQ indeed. Got hit by a nerf? Adapt and move on.

  2. Dreadmoon (unregistered) on August 28th, 2007 @ 7:05 am

    Anais, we seem to be in agreement about something, as I said before “While there are valid comments related to the way some abilities or talents have been designed”. That doesn’t explain why most of the whinning comments are not written to clearly explain the perceived problem.

    A good example would be the cat form range for the alliance druid, a problem that is being fixed in the next patch. Or the effect that Enrage and Furor have today on Druids and Warrior (putting them into combat).

    On the other side you have the people complaining about things that are right (in my opinion) as they are… the example I can come up with is the complains of some part of the Druid community related to why we don’t have an out of combat (OOC) rez. Let’s face it, we do have the ONLY in combat rez in the game, giving the druids the ability to “also” rez OOC will be a little bit to much in my humble (not really) opinion.

    Anyway, and to finish this comment… you have a suggestion? use the suggestion forum ;-) You’ve found a bug, there are threads where you can report that. You’ve been pwned by someone else? go home and lick your wounds :-p

  3. Yorkie (unregistered) on August 29th, 2007 @ 4:16 am

    You should head over to the rogue forums, we are famous for whining and demanding a swing of the nerf bat to XYZ class. :)

    Seriously though, we have some massive issues, but it is nice to see there are like minded people like me who tend to get on with it and work around it.

    I have no problem with people who QQ on forums with a detailed break down of why and what is broken/bugged/nerfed/unfair. Those I enjoy reading and usually if they are half decent a Blue will tag em and escalate ’em.

    At least thats what they say they will do ;)

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