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Re-upping in Azeroth

Is something in the wind lately?

Every where I turn, friends who had dropped their WoW accounts like they were hot have been signing on for more questing, more rep grinds and more alt-a-holism. While at the same time, hardcore raiders seem to be dropping out from burnout. My old guild has lost several die-hard 24-7 WoW-heads in the last month. What’s going on?

Is the dim Autumnal lighttriggering something deep and mysterious in our limbic systems? Wolves grow their winter coats. Trees’ leaves put on a show for the tourists. Cider mills open for business. And old players return to WoW.

What’s driving this? Is it all of the Wrath of the Lich King press, or the promise of soloable epics from Ogri’La?

What’s your guess, dear readers?

Old instances are not dead!

And that was a tricky title… the idea of this post is to discuss why are YOU playing WOW!

Is it to gear up and be the best that you can be in game? Is it to enjoy a fun time with friends? Or is it something else?

This past weekend I went to Stratholme Live to farm Righteous Orbs for some Crusader enchants.

Yes, Stratholme is a level 60 instance, with under-par loot compared to Outlands greens and blues; but it is still FUN. We did the whole instance in group of three toons: I was tanking on Dreadmoon (level 70 druid); we have a healer (level 62 priest) and DPS (level 62 mage).

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