Silvermoon University

Role-playing is difficult in Azeroth. All around you’re surrounded by players actively not RPing. The chat channels are packed with Chuck Norris jokes, leet speak, epithets. Without a strong guild, roleplay is nigh impossible to find. And most guilds are focused more on raiding and endgame progressions than anything else.

That’s why when you do actually find a guild that is into RP you make note of them. And when you find a guild that does it with as much style and humor and intelligence as Silvermoon University on Twisting Nether does, well that’s when you submit an application.

Silvermoon University is a Horde-side roleplaying guild that takes on the role of an actual university. New members are termed Freshmen, while the guild leadership are faculty. They have field trips to Alliance territory or into instances. Members of the drama department write actual plays, and then perform them complete with costumes and extras.

The website though is what entirely sold me on the guild. The flawless presentation. The conceit of the University being carried through so far as to have a yearbook with quotes and trivia featuring the guildmembers. It’s pretty much perfect.

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