Single Murloc Seeking Night Elf Lady for Long Walks on the Beach

MySpace Murloc

This may not be news to everyone, but it’s certainly new to me!

MySpace has long since jumped the shark (personal opinion!) and the majority of people have left the fold for Facebook and other social networking services, but if you still have that old MySpace account and don’t have anything to do with it, consider friending this poor Murloc. I mean, he’s only got 184 friends! He desperately needs more!

Seriously though, The Murloc has taught me a lot – like the fact that Blackfathom Deeps is somewhere in the US Minor Outlying Islands, and that he has a thing for night elf ladies. Okay, I can get down with that, but as angry as he is about the rest of the races in Azeroth slaughtering his people by the hundreds, he doesn’t say anything about why we shouldn’t – I mean, they usually attack first, and they make the godawful noise!

Okay, I shouldn’t pretend like that noise isn’t my SMS alert. It is. And I love it.

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