How’s that 3.0.2 Working Out For You?



Remember that patch we talked about? Yup – you’ve probably noticed that it hit last week, and some of the realms are still a little wobbly after all that movin’ and shakin’.

My preferred server was down most of the day yesterday for hotfixes and emergency maintenance; others are reporting issues with their character lists as well as not being able to log in. Even so, once most people have managed to log in, the experience has been fabulous. Just about every class has seen some improvements in just about all of their skills and the game seems to be a bit more balanced, even if everyone’s QQ-ing about the massive buff that Ret Pallies picked up. There’s plenty of QQ to go around, and there’s plenty of work left to be done (Shadow Priests kind of got hit with the nerf bat, and Mages deserve a little love for how broken Arcane is right now), but all in all, I’ve seen more people flocking back to the game in the last week than I’d seen leaving it in the past couple of months.

It’s actually really impressive seeing the beginning of the tide rolling back in for Wrath, with people re-upping their accounts and patching up just to get in on the goodness. Even my humble guild, where I was the only person in the guild on at like 7pm on a Saturday evening, has exploded with new life.

How have you taken the new content patch? Have you inscribed your spellbook with glyphs yet? Picked up Inscription? Maybe you’re a hunter and you’ve tamed yourself a Devilsaur? Let us know in the comments how the new patch is working out for you, or whether you’re just going to hold out until Wrath when it all really is new again!

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