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Talent Chic

Talent Chic

Now that 3.0.2 is out and about, a lot of you are likely struggling to find a build that works for you. Sure, the talent calculators have been out and about for a while, but people are finally getting an opportunity to (outside of the beta, of course) test out the builds and the abilities and see if they’re yielding the results that everyone thought they would and see what kind of performance they get.

The trouble for those of us who have been dissapointed with the results or are looking for some guidance from folks who have more time, energy, and effort to put into theorycrafting than we do (or are just plain lazy), there’s TalentChic!

To get the most out of TalentChic, select your class from the menu on the left side, select the spec you want to go, and you’ll immediately be taken to the most popular talent builds for the various classes and specs in the game. The site pulls its information from the Armory, so you’re not necessarily seeing what’s best, just what’s most popular.

The most popular builds are at the top of the page and shown with the most stars, and you can click on any of the particular builds to go to the talent calculator and see how they play out and where everyone has been putting their talent points. You can also filter based on what you plan to do with the build – as in if you’re looking for a build that’s specifically good for PvP, PvE, questing, grinding, raiding, or more.

The information is good, and I used it to help validate my selections for my ret pally and my BM hunter. Again, the service doesn’t tell you whether or not the build is good – just whether or not it’s popular; and it’s fair to mention that just because everyone is doing something doesn’t make it worth doing – so take all of the builds with a grain of salt; maybe the most popular ones aren’t the ones for you, but they’re great starting off points where you can make your own choices. Enjoy!

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