Keep Your Add-Ons Fresh with the WoW Updating System

I know, after you’ve installed all of those essential add-ons for Wrath, you’re having a heck of a time keeping them all up to date as patch after patch rolls out. 3.0.8 break some of your favorite add-ons and now you have to go dig up new versions? I know that pain.

Well, the WoW Updating System (WoWus for short) was created for those of us who hate the process of going through and updating our add-ons one at a time. The app promises to make it easier to update all of your addons at once with their most recent respective versions, or disable specific addons from ever being updated if you prefer.

This is how it works: when you install WoWus (Windows only, requires Microsoft .NET 2.0 or higher), the app scans your WoW installation for add-ons that you have installed. The tool then creates a database of your addons, and checks against its own online database of add-on versions. If you’re running an old version, you’ll see it’s version number in red, and you can update it. If you prefer, you can select all of them and click to update all of your installed add-ons at the same time. You can also tell WoWus to check for updates when Windows starts, and if you have WoW installed in a custom directory, you can tell it where to check for your Add-ons directory.

In addition to giving you an easy and simple way to keep your add-ons up to date, the app can also perform complete backups of your WoW install, game files and everything – which is perfect for those times when everything stops working and you want to go back to a known, good install without having to reinstall everything.

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