Farewell BRK! Big Red Kitty Says Goodbye

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If you play a hunter and you never took the time or opportunity to read the venerable Big Red Kitty, especially if you were a Beast Master at any point, you have no idea what you missed. BRK was not just a number cruncher, but perhaps had some of the most entertaining but educational personality I’ve ever seen in a blogger of any stripe, not just among World of Warcraft bloggers.

BRK’s all but given up World of Warcraft and blogging in order to spend more time with his family, who he loves very much. Now I love WoW, and I love BRK and will miss him and his advice incredibly, but I think it’s pretty easy to say that he’s made the right decision – when a game becomes more than a game and becomes such a huge part of your life that it’s distracting you from other, more important parts of your life like your family, it’s time to put it down, at least for a while.

BRK mentions that he may be back at some point, but for the time being he’s devoting his time to his family, and we can all find him at his personal blog, where he’s sharing some pretty awesome steak tips!

All of BRK’s fans got together and submitted images and video for a fantastic farewell video compiled by his co-blogger Temerity Jane, that you can see here, or here:


Take care, BRK – you taught me everything I know about being a hunter, and then some.

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