How’s that 3.1 Working Out for You?

Dual Specs - Mage

It’s been a few days, 3.1 is out and about, and in some places, some people have managed to tear through the freshly opened Ulduar and even down Yogg-Saron already. Impressive, but that’s not representative of the majority of us. So, how’s the new content patch working out for you?

Last night I saw reports of unstable realms, downed instance servers, and people unable to play entirely – although all of those could have been isolated and simply magnified by the Internet echo chamber. At the same time, I know I spent the majority of Tuesday night patching, and I spent the majority of Wednesday night updating my add-ons and making sure they all work. Maybe tonight I’ll actually get around to playing the game!

How about you guys? Applying glyphs without a Lexicon of Power, shelling out the 1000g for dual specs, getting a full refund of your talent points, signing up for the Argent Tournament, how’s it coming for you, if you’ve managed to play?

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