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What do you do when you’re at the office or it’s Tuesday during server maintenance or you’re somewhere else where you have a computer but you can’t play World of Warcraft? Sure you could always do some work, surf the rest of the intarwebs, or write your own World of Warcraft themed blog, but if you wanted to do that you wouldn’t be here, would you?

If you’re like me, you still enjoy reading about WoW, even if you can’t play. If you’re still like me, you probably have a Twitter account you use to stay in touch with friends, family, maybe even your guildmates or fellow players. That’s where you can stop being like me. Seriously, it’s getting creepy.

In any event, if you’re on Twitter, there are enough WoW bloggers, personalities, Webcomic artists, and character journals to keep your Twitter feed rocking all day, and in many cases, all night. Of course, there’s always me: @halophoenix, but there are people out there who talk about WoW in their Twitter feeds a lot more than I do! Some examples? Want to hurry up and start following people? Let me oblige with a few picks:

WoW Insider on Twitter
@WoWInsider – the venerable WoW Insider blog has a presence on Twitter, and it’s more than just recycled RSS content from the blog’s front page. The authors and editors regularly give away TCG codes via Twitter, host polls, link to really interesting posts, and interact with their readers. If you’re a WoW fan, they’re a must-follow.

@mikeschramm – if you’re a fan of WoW Insider and listen to the WoW Insider Show, you’ll know the venerable Mike Schramm, Senior Editor at WoW Insider. He’s charismatic, funny, knows how to keep a podcast rolling forward without letting the guests rathole into ridiculous (but still funny) topics, and he has his own Twitter account.

@the_t – Ah, The T – Turpster! The hilarious voice on the WoW Insider Show but also known from the WoW Radio days and host of his own show at Massively, Turpster never fails to bring the funny, even on Twitter.

Stompalina on Twitter
@Stompalina – Stompalina taught me everything I know about being a druid, and that’s not saying a lot because I don’t play one. But she makes me want to pick one up! She owns the blog Rawr Bitch Rawr, and hosts the Rawrcast show, and is always fun to read.

@holydueg – I found the good Mr. Dueg thanks to a WoW Insider rush of people they suggested following. You might be tempted to think his blog, Holy Dueg! might be entirely a priest’s blog, but if you thought that you’d be horribly wrong. Dueg has some incredible columns under his belt, including a recent one on whether or not Ulduar will flat out break your guild. Is your motley crew up to the task of taming Ulduar? Possibly not, and it’s worth reading why.

@AllThingsAz – If you listen to the All Things Azeroth podcast, now’s your chance to interact with the crew on Twitter! They’re incredibly responsive to the community, and accept show ideas and topics from their Twitter followers.

@brigwyn – Now we’re talking. I’m a hunter, so I’m biased, but Brigwyn runs The Hunter’s Lodge, a resource I’ve used for hunter tips and tricks more than once. From shot macros to pet suggestions to build advice, it’s all there.

@cadistra – Cadistra is the author and artist behind the WoW-themed webcomic WoW, eh? which I enjoyed long before I found her on Twitter. She doesn’t exclusively post about World of Warcraft, but if you love the comic and want to know how it’s coming, following her is the only way to know. Plus she posts sketches and other artwork that she’s working on.

@greyseer – If you’re a lore fiend, Greyseer, owner of Lorecrafted, is someone worth following. He’s incredibly responsive to the community, and has no problems getting into the nitty gritty of dispelling all of your altruistic notions about the Alliance or the bad-guy image of the Horde.

So all of these people are lovely and informative, but they’re twice as entertaining when you toss some character journals into the mix. For example:

Yogg-Saron on Twitter
@yoggsaron – the cuddliest old god ever! Seriously, before 3.1 came out, you should have read how much he was obsessing over his puppy who ran away (who goes by the name Brann, re-watch the beginning of the 3.1 trailer if you’re not sure where that came from!), and who’s now currently rolling about as a little Yogg-Saron plushie, impressing all the ladies, specifically Cadistra.

@cthun – C’thun hasn’t been as chatty as he used to be, but when he does speak, it’s hilarious. He’s evil, he’s sarcastic, and man is he willing to call out his little brother (Yogg-Saron) when he gets the urge.

@regent_lord – What’s going on in the shining spires of Silvermoon City? Regent Lord is busily tweeting, apparently. The character journal of Lor’themar Theron.

Thrall on Twitter
@warchief_thrall – The orc, the myth, the legend. The best part? The person behind this character journal has Thrall down pat. Seriously.

@archimonde – Apparently Twitter is full of character journals of some of Azeroth’s most evil characters. Didn’t we kill this guy? Regardless, he’s alive and kicking and posting his thoughts, apparently.

Admittedly there’s a kind of an insular, self-cannibalizing community among the character journals and some of the other folks above that’s hard to break into if you’re on the outside or not a character yourself, but the interaction is fun to watch at the very least, and that’s the nature of Twitter, I think.

At the very least though, you can brighten up your Twitter feed with a few dozen posts daily from people who are as avid World of Warcraft fans as you are! So, I’m sure I missed people, so if you have any character journals that you own or follow, or find yourself posting or reading tons of WoW-related material on Twitter, let me know!

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