Mtn Dew/World of Warcraft Game Fuel Commercial Stars Pretty Ladies; Faction Battles

The folks over at (formerly WoW Insider) thought this was incredibly corny, and yeah, they’re right – it’s terrible. But that doesn’t make it any less awesome!


Seriously, this is terrible, but I mean, how cool is it that even in the real world, even in a grocery store, and even when there are very pretty women involved, the Alliance and the Horde just can’t get along? Man, if this is how bad that whole factional divide is, Arthas has us proper screwed.

In other news though, the commercial is pretty damned funny. One question though: why didn’t the Horde woman turn into oh…a female Orc? I mean, I know the answer to that – they’re recreating the battle from the original WoW opening cinematic using the original box characters everyone would recognize, but still. Not only is she Horde, an Orc, but she’s also transgendered?

That’s okay though – we love both lovely ladies anyway. Who wants to bet on whether either of them actually play WoW?

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