WoWPals: Meet and Connect with Local Warcraft Players

Most people would agree that World of Warcraft in and of itself already meets a number of the qualifications required to be a social network – being a massively multiplayer game lends itself to meeting new people and connecting with them, forming groups, and making new friends. Even so, I can agree that even in-game it can be difficult to really form lasting relationships with people that persist when you log out. For that you can find WoW communities in existing networks like Livejournal and Facebook, or join a gamer’s social network like Raptr and meet other WoW players. (If anyone’s using Raptr, you can find me here!)

Alternatively, you can join WoWPals, a new social network designed exclusively for World of Warcraft players, and to give players a place where they can meet other people on their realm in-game and in their neighborhoods outside of Azeroth. The service also aims to make it easier to form guilds with people in your area that you can get together with in real life, whether it’s to have fun in the real world or boot up your gaming rigs next to each other and do some raiding. Believe me, a 5 or 10-man dungeon is definitely more fun when everyone is in the same room.

Right now the service is in beta and is working its way through activation issues that make it difficult to link up your WoWPals account with your main character. Even so, the service is accepting signups and connecting people. If you’re looking for another, possibly easier way to meet people in-game, WoWPals may be able to help.

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