What Loot System Does Your Guild Use?


Loot rules for guilds vary about as widely as guilds do; more often than not no two systems are truly alike. Even so, most of them can be traced back to some similar system, like the widely used and adopted DKP system. WoW Insider wrote about SWAPS this week, a new system I hadn’t heard about before, but what about your guild? What loot distribution system do you use? How do your raid leaders decide who gets what?

Our guild doesn’t really have a system, and perhaps that’s one of the defining factors of a casual guild – the people who make the runs get to roll on anything they want or need – need if you need it, greed if you want it or no one needs it, and usually our folks are good enough to ask up front “mind if I roll need on that?” and we can scorn them if they shouldn’t or approve if they should. It’s never really backfired on us.

That’s not to say there hasn’t been the occassional “but that’s a bigger upgrade for me than the person who outrolled me” drama, or the ocassional confusion from people who are filling slots on a raid with us. But while that works for us, the biggest raids we’ve ever organized have been 10-mans.

If you’re in a raiding guild, how does your guild handle loot? How do you manage pugs? Do you think the rules would be different for guilds running 10-mans versus 25-man instances? Does your guild’s loot system work for you, date back to the old days of 40-mans, or is it fundamentally broken? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. greyseer on July 15th, 2009 @ 1:52 am

    The Netherbane, as a small RP-focused guild, only casually raids at the moment. For any any all guild sponsored raids, we use a custom version of Suicide Kings, which works great for our group, as it keeps an active list of loot recipients as well as allowing anyone we PuG to potentially get a piece of gear.

    Loot drama isn’t tolerated, as both raid leaders (me, as well as our warrior, Durmeth) understand the stress that can cause on not only the group, but on ourselves as well. Because of this, the rules are posted and stated up front. Anyone who doesn’t agree is welcome to go elsewhere.

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