Sam Raimi to Direct Warcraft Movie


You may know him as the man who directed the travesty that was Spider-Man 3 or the man who directed the hilarious brilliance of Army of Darkness and Evil Dead, or perhaps the writer behind the scenes of the short-lived but fantastic TV show M.A.N.T.I.S (okay maybe I’m the only one who remembers him from that), perhaps the producer behind the long-running Hercules and Xena TV shows (and that Cleopatra 2525 offshoot, meow!), or perhaps you’ve only heard of him recently through the Spider Man movies, his traditional horror background, and the recent success Drag Me to Hell.

Regardless of how you know Sam Raimi, you’ll hear a lot about him in the coming days if you haven’t already – it’s being reported that Raimi will be directing the Warcraft or World of Warcraft-based movie that we all knew was on the way. Whatever it’ll be called, Raimi will be behind the scenes, and depending on your perspective this is good or bad news for fans of the Warcraft franchise.

Some people have already started weeping for the future movie, claiming he’ll give it the Spider-Man 3 treatment, and others are cheering and hoping he brings the Army of Darkness/Evil Dead wit and some Drag Me to Hell intellect to the screen. The movie has barely been formally announced, and I think this amounts to as much as a formal announcement as possible – previous accounts of a Warcraft movie have been largely speculation – so we don’t know anything else about it or what the movie will be about or what part of the Warcraft franchise it will live in. Will it be completely based in World of Warcraft time, or pick from an important moment or moments from Warcraft lore?

Thanks to for the tip off! Blizzard, late to the party, has issued a press release confirming the news after it was broken by Ain’t It Cool News.

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