One Player’s Plea for Less Content


A couple of months ago I asked the question “Is there too much to do in World of Warcraft, and one of my good friends, Transrelativity used his blog to write an empassioned plea for less stuff to do. Not that Blizzard should actually remove things from the game per se, but that there’s already a wealth of content and a lot of it is coming so fast and hard that we don’t really have the time to absorb and really envelop ourselves in the content we already have.

Transrelativity admits that a great deal of the post is personal opinion and that there are tons of people out there dying for more more more content, more dungeons, more raids, more loot, more everything – but that being said, I have to agree to a certain extent. While I’m equally puzzled as to whether or not Casual-Hardcore is an intrinsic oxymoron, I think it would be much easier to dive in when you really want to and get both hands into the game when you feel like it when you know you have the time to experience the content on your own schedule. If you know that it’ll be gone and replaced by something bigger and better in 2 weeks, you either rush to do it right this second just to have it done (and thus don’t really enjoy it) or you don’t do it at all and wait for whatever that next best thing is and hope it’s more interesting (and thus feel overwhelmed by the amount of stuff to do).

What do you think? We may be far beyond the point where there’s only enough endgame content that everyone is doing essentially the same thing, but is there so much that players are fractured and it’s difficult to get people together to do anything? Or is Blizzard taking the “something for everyone and every play type” approach and that’s just fine by you?

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