Raise Your Cooking Skill with Nourish! The Azerothian Menu


The fair Cadistra, artist and author of WoW, Eh? turned me on to this site, and since then I’ve been blending my love for cooking with my love for World of Warcraft: Nourish! The Azerothian Menu.

She’s one of several authors at the site, posting delicious recipes that are sure to give you something better to eat while raiding than day-old pizza and cheetos, and most of them are WoW-themed. No, you won’t wind up blending Chilled Meat into some kind of crazy stew, but you will wind find easy and delicious dishes and drinks like Cadistra’s own Broken Isles Iced Tea, shown here, perfect to beat the heat.

Looking for something a little more toothsome? Try the Holy Fire Pasta, a kickin tasty dinner treat that’s sure to please even the spiciest palate. Me? I’m a huge wing fan, so I have every intention of trying Bom’Bay’s Echo Island Voodoo Chicken Wings as soon as I can.

Head on over, find something tasty, and make it!

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