When is a toon ready for raiding?

I’m not really the raiding type, but I am the curious type. I’ve always been curious about Ulduar, and doing all of Naxxramas. Or seeing Icecrown Citadel just once. I wouldn’t mind getting the Kingslayer title. I am also not a fan of GearScore. I understand all of the arguments for and against. I look at it like this. I am horribly undergeared and I have healed Trial of the Champion, The Forge of Souls and The Pit of Saron with just over a 2,000 gearscore. Granted, as I got some better pieces of gear those events definitely went easier. I feared for my healing ability in these and expressed concern when the Dungeon Finder dropped me into Trial of the Champion for my very first Heroic after hitting level 80. Yeah. I digress and get back to my original point.

While I dislike GearScore, it is a tool. It is also a tool that is used by many people. It’s overused by the Horde on my server and I figured that playing an Alliance character may open other doors for me. My question is this: At what point are you able to ask to join PUG groups or Naxxramas, or Ulduar? Is there a GearScore that is a decent indicator of when people may or may not let you in on their raids? I understand that this is server dependent, but doing google search after google search has not afforded me with even a hint of an answer. Any raiders out there who might know the answer to this? What are the requirement differences for 10-man versus 25-man? Help a girl out and point me in the right direction. Please!

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  1. Meg (unregistered) on June 30th, 2010 @ 4:46 pm

    Though I won’t be much help in terms of gear score outside of ICC, the general rule I personally follow when leveling alts is something of a 10/25 rule. I look at raids and order them in terms of difficulty. I can’t remember which is more difficult, Naxx or Ulduar, but for the sake of example, let’s say Naxx is the easier one.

    If you can handle Naxx 25 content, you can handle Ulduar 10. If you can handle Ulduar 25 content, you can handle ToC10. If you can handle ToC25, you can handle ICC10. If you can handle ICC25, you can handle ICC10Heroic.

    I think the biggest thing you will want to concern yourself with is figuring out how you’re doing with key stats, like Hit, Expertise, Defense, based on your class and spec. Even if your gear seems sub-par, if your key stats are within the right parameters, you will be more effective at what you do, and your skill can make up for what you lack in actual gear. Just Google keywords like “Defense Cap+Tank”, and you’ll see that you need a minimum of 540 Defense to go into ICC10.

    There are actually websites out there that help you figure out what you can do, when, based on gear (I found them myself when I was trying to figure them out)…but in the end, even those websites weren’t entirely clear, and I had to create something of a spreadsheet that was far more exhaustive than it should have been. The funny thing is, I found some nice people that let me into their PUGs here and there, and in only a few short runs, the whole thing became a non-issue because my gear rapidly got me ready for ICC and I was able to skip the gear-grind through Naxx/Uld. I still had to go back to pick up a few trinkets in Ulduar, because that seems to be where they can be found, and there were also some respectable pieces to be found in the 3 Heroic 5-mans in Icecrown. Outside of that, you’ll do well to just work on getting your Triumph badges and wisely spend your Frost badges, focusing on 2 and 4-piece stat bonuses. Try to get into VoA once you’re around the ToC10 level, and pay attention to the drops there, as the bosses will drop items that equal (or are superior to) items that you would spend badges to buy. I bought a tier piece and the next day got the same drop in VoA. /cry With that in mind, I began purchasing all other tier pieces that DIDN’T drop in VoA, first.

    No matter what you do, don’t spend Frost to downgrade to Triumph…it’s a very common thing to do, but while it serves you well in the short term, you might live to regret it later. :)

  2. Lee Olesky (leeolesky) on July 7th, 2010 @ 2:54 am

    First I want to say thank you Meg for responding with such a lengthy and in depth comment. I appreciate it, not just for myself, but for anyone who happens to come across it later on down the road. Not all of this information is “a given”. Much of it is learned over time, and the internet just doesn’t offer a very good place to find this kind of information. Pooling together resources for people curious (like me) will help in the long run.

    I’m slowly working on replacing all of my heirloom items, and then will work on replacing my PvP items and at that point will hopefully be in the 5k GearScore range. Enough that I can at least survive some encounters. Sadly, on my server, Alliance doesn’t often have VoA. I did, however, get in on a 25-man and healed it with no problems through all of the bosses when we did, by a freak chance of nature and the gods must have been smiling upon me that day, get VoA in the middle of the day. If nothing else I was stoked to get those achievements, even if no caster leather items dropped (Damn you plate gear! Damn you!!). I have a feeling, getting a weapon will be a tough one. *shrug* Ah well.

    Again, thank you!

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