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An unabashed WoW lover who's been playing since the beta of vanilla WoW, I probably have way too much to say and none of you likely have the bandwidth to hear it all. That being said, it probably won't stop me from talking.

I'm what I like to think of as hardcore casual - I play when I want, stop playing when I want, level as many alts as I want, and there's plenty in the game that I simply haven't seen yet, whether it's vanilla content, BC content, Wrath content, or what have you. I don't have a ton of WoW credentials other than the fact that I love the game, I read an incredible amount of WoW-related news, comics, and articles, listen to a ton of WoW-related podcasts (some better than others), and get the urge to speak my mind and commiserate with other players. I'm a recovering guild leader, currently in a guild that defines "casual" but lamenting the fact that I don't see much of the endgame hotness unless I PUG it.

Looking for me? You'll probably find me on my main - Shoryu, level 80 Hunter on Stormrage-US. Not there? Look for my red-headed damage machine, Ankharet, level 80 Paladin on Stormrage-US, both Alliance side. I have other alts, know how it is. If you still can't find me and want to, drop me a line at phoenix -at- novawerks -dot - net.


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