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5sec UI Video

Since people asked, and since I promised Boltthrower to write a tutorial on how to setup a UI like mine (using Flexbar), here’s a grainy 5 second video of the UI.

Essential Mod #2

WoW do I ever need this Mod. ntmysFixLoadingTimes improves loading-times between zoning (ie: switching continents, entering/ leaving an instance). This works by preventing numerous events from being processed by the event-handlers during zoning, events that would otherwise update your interface with information that you simply won’t need when you are starring at a loading-screen. Depending on your system and installed addons, zoning will be 5-10 times faster (no kidding: for me as an example, MC loads in 6-8s instead of over 1 minute).

Leerrooooy Jeeenkiins!! THE MOD

I found my dead horse beating stick so I thought I’d give Leroy one more wack.
The Leeroy Jenkins mod is a game classic and still moves forward in my interface folder despite the fact that it’s ancient and no one ever says it anymore. I just can’t give it up. Sometimes I’ll log onto my wife’s account and party with myself just to hear the call.

When a party member says “Leerrooooy Jeeenkiins!!”, or something similar, the battle cry plays.

First try with DAB

After a month a pestering by Michael I finally took the plunge and set up Discord Action Bars. I’d been running quite a few UI mods prior to this but what I wanted was less stuff on my screen, not more and DAB seemed to offer just that. In hindsight I’m kind of pissed that I didn’t take a “before” image, but I’m sure this post will serve as the “before” with my next round of tweeks. This was my first try, but I think I have something pretty workable at the moment. Here’s what the UI looks like for Paineater, my lvl 41 undead shadow priest, in default mode – that is with no targets selected (basically for just running around):


Before I get asked, that circular health bar around my toon is SM Unit Frames, the info at the top is Titan Bar and the XP bar at the bottom is BEB. So how do I do anything? Good question, keep reading to see some of the other modes.

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