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Draenei Shaman - Tigglesworth

I recently heard someone (I’ve forgotten who – sorry!) on The Instance mention the Draenei in the context of the other Alliance races – what is their deep, dark secret? Every other Alliance race has a tarnish, from the gnomes’ senseless forays into uncontrollable technology to the elves’ storied flirtations with dark forces. But the Draenei seem to lack a shadow; they come across as big, blue, hammer-wielding teddy bears.

As a kind of answer to that question, I offer two narrative points: that the Draenei don’t need a dark history and that they probably shouldn’t have one.

Herbs or Jewels?

jewelcrafting.jpgI’m a crappy gatherer. My ‘lock is a tailor/enchanter and does pretty well at each. My priest on the other hand a lvl 300 Alchemist but only 120-something in Herbalism. Previously I’ve also attempted and dropped mining and skinning. I just kind of hate the running around. Now, since I’ve gotten a few socketed items, Jewelcrafting is sparking my interest. Plus this gem guide I found on wowinsider has already helped me with a wish list. I think I’m going to bail on the herbalism on move on to the gem stones and see how that works. I make most of my cash playing the Auction House so it’s not really going to change my income. Anyone else picked up jewelcrafting, have any advice or experience to share?

Forget those epics, check out my greens

One thing I (and everyone else who took part in the Beta) noticed was the insane stats on the green drops in the new areas. I assumed these would be nurfed to all hell before the release. Well, they haven’t. In the first day or so that I’ve been playing I’ve replaced all the Tier 1 and Tier 1.5 items I had on my priest and my lock with green drops and quest rewards. The only purples I still have on are HWL PVP items, and those will probably get axed within the next level or so with rep rewards or better drops. This is insane. Items I spent weeks doing crazy amounts of grinding for are being replaced in less than 30 minutes of kill/collect questing. Wowza.

And Then There Were A Kajillion


I rolled a Draenei Warrior. I intend to train in Jewelcrafting. Yes, that makes me part of the problem. But that doesn’t mean I can’t complain about it.

War Footing

Jumping through the portal, I was treated to a view of insanity. Below me, a fierce battle raged with many 70 elites duking it out with the best that Azeroth has to offer. Immediately, I’m pulled off to the side and sent off to Thrallmar. Everything is in a hurry. There’s no time for rest or comfort, only for fighting.

The sense of urgency followed me through all of the peninsula as I went forth from Thrallmar to Reaver’s Fall, south to Spinebreaker Post, and back out to the desolate lands near Falcon Watch. Everywhere around Hellfire Peninsula there were angry mobs, grinding their axes against my armor. The outstretched piles of bodies are high, both of the dead orcish shattered hand, and those of the Alliance and of the Horde.

The war footing is clear and everything is pushing toward it.

Overheard at Burning Crusade launches

From a surprisingly good-natured thread at the WoW forums, here are choices quotes overheard around the world from fans waiting in line to purchase The Burning Crusade (note: entries have been edited to improve readability and to remove l33t spelling, which gives me hives):

Mauhcayotl on Silvermoon:
Person 1 : So what server you guys on?
Me : Silvermoon. It’s PvE
Person 2 : Awww. PvE??
Me : Yeah…
Person 1 : What’s your character?
Me : … … Gnome Warlock…
Person 1 and Person 2 : Gnome!? Warlock?!?! Hahahaha!!
Person 3 (from in front of us) : Man, mentioning that you’re a gnome warlock out here is the only way to get ganked in real life!

Get attuned to BC


Aerdrig from the Alliance guild Avowry (on Cenarius) posted a lovely diagram for “getting attuned to all the instances in BC.” He links back to World of Raids, who has a more basic sketch up. Looks like we have our work cut out for us!

Thanks, Nicole!

Up? Down. Up? Down. Up! No wait. Down.


Yeah, it sounds like a cheat for a Konami game, but that’s what it’s like on the Outland realm of Eitrigg tonight. Things were just fine until about 7:30 eastern tonight when the East Coast got done with dinner and the West Coast was done with school, installing and patching. Then, the server ground to a halt with impromptu reboots and kicks galore, making the whole area unplayable. It’s not so back if you’re on the mainlands, as they’re on separate servers, but whose brilliant idea was it to wrap Exodar and Silvermoon City into the same server as the Outland? They’re just not holding up on our server.

How’s your server holding up?

Midnight release event in San Francisco


Last night I went to the midnight release for Warcraft’s The Burning Crusade expansion at the EB Games at Union Square. There were two lines snaking away from the mouth of the store, and no signs or people explaining which line was for what. I jumped in the nearest line and hoped I’d gotten it right. As it turned out, one line was for people who had pre-ordered the game and the second, much longer line was for people who had verified with the sales clerks they had pre-ordered the game. Got that? It was confusing and it pissed off many people who queued up in the “verified” line who then had to go get in the other queue.

I arrived at eleven p.m. and it already looked the picture above. There were at least 200 people, 95% of which were proud owners of a Y chromosome. We all stood outside together in the near-freezing weather and there was a general boistrousness in the air. All across the line I could hear strangers asking each other what server they were on, what class was their main, did they play in beta, and so on.

Also posted here @ MetroBlogs San Francisco.
(more…) Ready, Content Live at 12:01 EST

wowsite.jpgLooks like is ready and waiting and you’re going to have to “upgrade” your account via the website prior to accessing new content. Also, despite what we talked about here earlier, the discussion in the official FAQ thread seems to confirm that the content will go live at 12:01 EST not PST. So, maybe you can use that info to talk your local retailer into cutting you off some expansion goodness a few hours earlier than midnight local.

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