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After I logged on last night, someone in my guild asked if anyone wanted to run ZF.
“Oh good!” I thought. “A guild run would be a nice change from the PuGs I usually suffer through.”
So even though I’ve been trying to run Mara more lately, at lvl 51 I still had Divino-Matic Rod that I needed to get out of my quest log. So I grouped up. It was me, the inviter (lvl 54 priest), another guild member and two others.

We get into ZF and start working our way though. Things were going ok, I suppose, until we got to the temple. Yeah, you know the part where you release the prisoners and all hell breaks loose? Suddenly we get:
“BRB guys i’m mad thirsty” from the healer.

Raiding Guild Issues: Burning Crusade

Well, as you know if you are a member of a raiding guild, or if you read WOW-related blogs (why else would you be here?), Blizzard has made the announcement that Burning Crusade instances will be capped at 25 players rather than 40 for current endgame instances. If your guild is anything like mine, there has been a lot of talk and consternation about this change. From the smaller guilds, and the casual player base, of course, the reaction has been much more positive.

I’m split on this issue. For our guild, which is based on having enough people to do 40-man instances 3+ times a week, I think it will be disastrous. Everyone is working together in a well-disciplined team, and although there are always more players on than there are spots for, there just aren’t enough for two good groups of 25, not to mention the issue about putting most-skilled players in both groups. This issue will split large guilds.

Decisions: Girl Guilds, Transfers and (!) RP Realms

I’m thinking about transferring characters to another realm. My main raids several times a week, and I spend most of the rest of my time on alts, which are unguilded. I solo a lot. As these alts reach endgame, I’d like to raid with them, but in most raiding guilds alts a) aren’t welcome in MC/BWL, and b) can’t compete with mains for drops – fair enough, I admit. But these are characters that I spend a lot of time playing. I’d like to be able to raid with them. And that brought me to the decision that I’d like to join another guild with them.

I like the idea of serious all-girl guilds, although I personally haven’t seen any strong ones. Which led to the thought that perhaps I’d like to start one myself. (eek!!!) Bad idea? Possibly…perhaps even probably. Read on, and tell me what you think.

Caveat Emptor

When dealing with an online economy, you can expect an amount of scamming to come with the territory. I had considered myself impervious to scamming until a few months ago. What follows is a cautionary tale…

Best Guild URL Ever!

As some folks may know I have a guild called We No. It’s the horde side sister guild of We Know. Anyway, We Know has a website which is basically a front page and a forum and wiki that we both share. That site is which confuses a lot of people who don’t know that websites don’t have to end in “.com” but that’s beside the point. The front of that page is very alliance. The main pages on the forum and wiki are very alliance. But a few levels down there’s crazy horde love going on. Of course this requires digging a few levels down for that and we were increasingly getting messages in game from people who went to our website “but it was just allinace stuff” so we decided we needed our own front page that was horde specific, and would then point to the same content as the We Know site. So we started looking for URL options. was almost picked and we decided on the simpler which seemed like a fantastic idea until I found out I needed to have all kinds of European tax ID info that, not being European, I didn’t have. So it was back to the drawing board. And then Sabocat, the greatest guildie in the history of URL thinking up guildies suggested the best thing ever: which I was almost not able to stop laughing long enough to buy moments later. And I fully expect “.org” to be the new WoW main TLD.

Dinging 60

"Ding 60" party

Making it to the supreme level of 60 is something every WoW player aspires (and after the expansion pack we’ll be dreaming of level 70). It’s such a special event that my guild, Lords of Honor, decided to celebrate it. A guild member and me have been questing a lot together and waited for both of us to be 1/2 a bar from 60. The guild then organized a raid, following a group of us two into Felwood. There, deep in the Jaedenar cave, we sought out an elite demon and slew it. A few adds later and we both dinged in succession with most of the guild watching from a distance and cheering us on. It was a great ding party and we plan to make it a custom for each member that gets to 60. We go wherever the soon-to-be-60 member wants to go and every guild member is invited, regardless of level. We even escorted two level 12s into the cave and they only suffered a few deaths. It was good fun and I hope to see it more often and not only in our guild. Dinging 60 means a culmination of hard work, of all the time you spent playing your toon, and probably all the broken RL relations…

Now that I’m 60, the loss of the XP bar kind of makes me feel empty…

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My grey tabard

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World of Warcraft, originally uploaded by Jeffery Simpson.

I’ve always had a problem staying in guilds. It’s not that I’m particularly unfriendly or unhelpful; it’s just they seem to fall apart shortly after I join them.

My first guild fell apart quicker than a party lead by Stockwell Day [cbc], and the next one I found lasted not even a week before all the level 60s (and their alts) decided they’d be better off in an exclusive level 60 (and their alts) guild.


For the guild?

What would u do?

Imagine you are in the AH and buy a weapon for75G. Now imagine that the weapon could be relisted and sold for 600G. It’s a rare, double extra good weapon and I won’t be near anything this rare for a long time. It’s best wielded by a rogue or hunter but would make a great off hand weapon for any melee class. Lucky me huh? NOPE, heres why.

1. I could sell it, keep the cash and buy items more suited to my warrior.
2. I could respec fury and dual wield this baby.
3. I could give it to my favorite in guild rogue who always helps me out w/ quests and advice.
4. I could donate it to the guild and have the GM decide where it’s best used.

All of the above options have a huge downside. I made my decision and I’m curious what u would do?

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