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The Celestial Steed is So 2010: Make Way for The Winged Lion!

Are you all tired of riding your sparkle ponies around? Good, because the Winged Lion is on its way to the Blizzard Store!

See the guy above? MMO-Champion uncovered it in a recent datamine, and it bears all the glorious, sparkly, sunshine-y indications that he’ll be a for-purchase mount from the Blizzard Store, the same way the Celestial Steed was.

If the winged lion (which some people have taken to calling the Sunshine Lion) is the same price as the Celestial Steed, players will be out $25 USD to pick one up, and Blizzard will rake in the cash, as usual. A lot of people who didn’t like the Celestial Steed model have been commenting around the Web on how they’re really eager to get their hands on this one, and vice versa – the only thing for sure is that when it’s available, it’ll almost certainly be a hit.

What do you think? Would you spend money on a virtual mount? Did you buy a celestial steed, and what do you think of the sunshine lion? Sound off in the comments.

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