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Get Stats on Your Server at


If you’re looking for some information on your realm, like what the horde-to-alliance ratio is, or how many alliance paladins you have on your server versus how many rogues there are, WarcraftRealms can give you all of the information you’re looking for. Just head over to the realm data page and look up your server to see everything you wanted to know about the population of your server.

The data is mined from a combination of the Armory and user submissions using the WarcraftRealms add-on, so it’s only really accurate for characters over level 10 that have made it into the armory, but if you’re interested in lending the project a hand on your server, you can download the utility and use it to help bolster the site’s database. In the interim though, the service probably has more information about your realm than you thought you wanted.

Discussion: Would Blizzard Ever Allow Character Copies?


Now that we have race changes, faction changes, server changes, appearance changes, and so on, one topic I’ve been thinking a lot about is whether or not Blizzard would ever allow us to copy our characters to new realms. I’m not referring to character transfers, where you take a character, uproot them from one server and then land them in their destination – I mean copy, duplicate a character that’s currently on one realm and make a copy on another realm.

It would be a paid service, of course, but I could see it being in exceptionally high demand with two classes of people, both of whom would make Blizzard a lot of money:

1. Entire high-end and raiding guilds that are focused on progression who would be more than happy to duplicate their characters on as many servers as their core raiding team has money to do in order to achieve world-firsts and titles on as many realms as they can.

Clearly this would make Blizzard a ton of money – a lot of high-end progression guilds have real money behind them, as we’ve seen with entire guilds that do faction changes or server transfers, but if you tacked a $25 or $30 USD fee to a character copy you might see some guilds do it two, three, or four times before their ranks run out of actual cash. Or alternatively, they’ll keep doing it every so often as long as they can raise the money in the interim. Blizzard could mitigate this by capping the number of copies for a character, or putting a relatively long time-limit between copies, like 3-6 months.

2. Casuals who want to try their hand at raiding or join new friends on another server in new guilds without being forced to roll alts and start leveling from scratch on those servers.

Sure, they could just roll death knights, but don’t we have enough of those already? Also, don’t we already see people rolling DKs on servers where they’ve made new friends so they don’t have to level to 55 but also don’t have to transfer their main that’s happily at home on another server, possibly in a guild where that person already has friends?

I’ve seen more DKs join my guild because they came to spend time with a friend on our server than I’ve seen character transfers, and I’m personally in the same boat – I have friends who play on two different servers than the one my main is on, and while I love my main to death, I’m bored on my server. I don’t want to leave the friends I have on my server, but I also balk at having to level up to 80 from scratch on another server. It would be great if I could copy my 80 hunter to another server, join my friends’ guild there, and just move on with life, without having the pressure of pulling my main out of my guild on my current server and leaving my friends there with alts.

Granted, this crowd of people may make Blizzard less large sums of money, but probably more money over time than the previous group. If you could copy your 80 to a new server where, for example, you just met a coworker who plays WoW and could use your class in their weekend raiding guild, wouldn’t you? Especially if you could still leave a copy of that same 80 on your current server in your current guild that raids on weeknights?

Is this a good or a bad idea?

That being said, this idea also fosters laziness that some people say is running rampant in the WoW community. No one apparently wants to level or experience the game pre-level cap anymore, so if Blizzard allowed something like this, would it just cheapen the leveling experience? Would someone level to 80 and then just copy their character around instead of rolling new classes and trying alts? Also, the disincentive to this is that you could save yourself the fee entirely by just leveling a new character on the server you’re considering playing on – it may take more time, but it at least doesn’t cost money.

Also, this just marches down the path of cheapening choices – you made a choice to play on a server, should you be held to it, and punished if you want to move, either financially, through only having one of your character on each server, or by being forced to level on any future server you choose as home?

I’m of multiple minds, obviously – I admit the example of my 80 main and the two servers I’d love to play on is real, and my personal conflict about not wanting to pull my main out of my current guild is also real. I could fix the problem easily by just rolling new characters on those servers and leveling them, but part of me wonders if I’m the only person who’s had this thought – and if I’m not, are there enough others who are willing to pay money to make this idea worthwhile to Blizzard?

What do you think? If Blizzard allowed you to, for a fee, copy a character to a new server, leaving the existing one intact and just making a duplicate, would you spring for it? How many times would you make the copy? What if there were a time limit between copies? Let us know in the comments!

Extended downtime – truly extended


No April fool’s gag. All realms, except a for handful are down right now. My alts on Kul Tiras are up, albeit sluggish[1], Daggerspine and Gnomeregan are down. I called Blizzard on behalf of metblogs and got a “no comment” statement. The friendly PR person on the other side of the phone, however, was nice enough to ensure me, that these downtimes are not related to the extended outages in March 2005 and April 2006 as well as April 2007, which happened, curiosly enough, after a content patches not unlike this one.

[1] The sluggishness and login queues are almost certainly a result of massive waves of level one alt re-rolls invading realms that are currently online. One has to wonder just how addicted a player has to be to taper off to a realm he or she will most certainly never visit again to roll a level one alt.

Brand New Realm

A brand-new European PvE realm opened last Friday, Lightbringer. Along with half of the world, it seemed, I was there at the start – and my god, it was chaos! We all logged in with our list of favourite names, to claim as many of them as possible. I got three of mine :) Most of us, I think, were already potential members of guilds, as people had been forming groups in the week or so prior to the realm opening.

The human starting area was hilarious. You couldn’t kill a mob for love nor money; all you could see were dead wolves and kobolds everywhere, having been simultaneously hit by four, five, six desperate level ones at the same time. Absolute madness, but very funny. So, I went to make a nelf instead, and that starting area was less crowded (surprisingly), so I joined the ranks of nelf hunters trying to level.

Free to RP as You and Me

Greetings citizens of Azeroth! I am very excited be a contributor to this site, and I hope that I do not disappoint. I have been an avid reader of this blog for many months now, and I am looking forward to sharing my experinces with this community.

Now that the introductions have been dispensed with, on to the real post.

For the Horde! Um, For Real This Time!

I’m getting a little antsy with my main, and a little bored with my alts. With the exception of one level 18 Undead Rogue, I have yet to really experience the Horde content. There’s a whole other game over there (so I’ve heard), and I’d love to see what the Bad Guys have in store for me.

So, there’s something I need from you lovely readers: what server should I join?

I ask this only because I don’t make friends very easily when I just drop into a new server; I like to have at least one or two ready-made buds to chat with while I grind up my levels. A kick-ass and friendly social guild might be nice, too. A few caveats: I know I’m going to play a Shaman (only class I have yet to try, even a little), I’m a somewhat busy person and thus casual player, and I get along with anybody who can put a sentence together.

Any suggestions? Anybody want to be my friend? Anybody want to make another alt and enjoy the other side with me?

Here Come The Transfers

About 97 people have sent me the link to this screen shot in the last hour or so. Looks like a pretty detailed FAQ on the long awaited character transfers that we’ve all been waiting a long time for. I heard last week from a few inside-blizzard-birdies that these things were “very close” to being ready to happen, so that makes this screenshot a ton more believable – to me at least.

It also confirms my guess that there would be no PvE to PvP transfers offered, but that PvP to PvE would be OK. Other restrictions include obvious limites on gold, xfrs to high pop servers, and things like that. Check it.

UPDATE: Just got two independent confirmations that this is legit, and seems like a final version of something they’d seen earlier. Also, logging into to your account on and clicking the character trasnfer option gives you this message:

“The Character Move feature is currently closed. Please watch for any announcements regarding the availability of Character Move.

We are looking into the possibility of allowing customers more freedom in transferring to realms of their choice in the future. No further details are currently available concerning this feature, but any new information (regarding this or similar services) will be posted on as soon as it is available.”

Which is definitely a new massage, I’m guessing we’ll be seeing this open up any day now. More here

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