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The Deadliest Rabbit

Over at the World of Warcraft Livejournal Community, frequent poster and all-around awesome news source Tchernobyl had a couple of interesting sights to share – one of which was the bunny above, which is all kinds of ready to throw down with anyone who might think to pick a fight with him.

It’s not the only thing he noted either – there’s a mouse in there wearing someone’s skull and carrying a pair of shotguns, too.

Yeah, I don’t understand either. But what I do know is that that right there is a rabbit you don’t want to mess with. He may very well be the Omega Hare.

Join the Metroblogging Azeroth Flickr Photo Group!

See those rotating photos on the right side of the page there? Those come from the Azeroth Metblogs Flickr Photo Group, which has a couple hundred photos in it but has become a little stale as of late. So what would we like to do? Jumpstart it, of course! Let’s get some new screenshots and images in there!

The group is open and available to anyone with a Flickr account, and you any screencaps that you upload to Flickr and add to that pool will appear on the right side of the page there. Join in! Join the group and share your screenshots with us – especially now with The Shattering and Cataclysm launching next week. We’ll even feature some of the best images periodically on the site here!

Female Worgen Preview at The Escapist

If you’ve been thinking about rolling a female Worgen but you’ve wondered up until now exactly what they’d look like, then look no further. Blizzard sent The Escapist a number of screenshots of what the character models will look like, and while they currently admittedly look like re-skinned Draenei, some of their stances and animations are definitely unique.

The screenshots at The Escapist show off a specific female Worgen model wearing cloth armor, then wearing leather, then wearing mail, and then again wearing plate. As we know, Worgen will be able to be any class in Cataclysm except Paladins and Shaman, so at least one of their classes will be able to wear any type of armor. The other screenshots are fantastic, head over to take a look!

MMO Champion Unveils Maps, Models from Cataclysm Alpha

MMO Champion has unleashed the leak to end all leaks (until the next one, of course) from the Cataclysm Friends and Family Alpha: tons of maps, screenshots of various zones in multiple forms of completion, and tons upon tons of information about new zones, achievements, talents, and more.

There are tons of screenshots of nearly all of the new zones and instances taken from the alpha, and it’s worth noting that most of this stuff will change between now and the actual beta, much less between now and the actual launch, but regardless of who posted the information or whether it’s a carefully leaked foil from Blizzard, we get to reap the benefit! All of the details are at this post at MMO Champion, which is being constantly updated.

Cataclysm Leak: Deathwing Goes to Stormwind

See that puppy up there? That’s Deathwing. Deathwing himself on the steps of Stormwind (click the image to enlarge it) and is reportedly a leak from the forementioned Alpha of Cataclysm.

I’m not entirely convinced just yet – the model definitely looks like what we would expect Deathwing to look like in-game, but his placement on the steps of Stormwind doesn’t make a lot of sense, especially without massive destruction around him. Why would he even be there? No idea. It’s just as possible that this is a snapshot from a private server with hacked models as it is an actual screenshot from the game itself. Who knows. Regardless though, it’s pretty cool to see!

This image has been circulated around WoW blogs this morning from to MMO-Champion, so there’s every reason to believe that it’s real, even if it may not be legit. Do I see wallpaper fodder? New wallpapers, anyone?

Do You Have Your Perky Pug Yet?


The pug is finally mine (as you can see above, that’s my screen cap), but I have to admit, that hundred random people came and went pretty quickly. Before the patch came out, I thought it would be pretty difficult to group with a hundred random people and get the Perky Pug, but once I got started using the Dungeon Finder, it was all downhill from there.

The same has been true across the realms too, I’ve seen more and more people flying the title “The Patient,” which comes with the achievement for grouping with 50 random people, called Looking for Many, and some people running about with their new pug pets after having completed Looking for Multitudes.

I’ve seen praises and horror stories about the Dungeon Finder so far, especially over at the World of Warcraft LiveJournal Community, where both the hate and the love is running wild and rampant.

If you’ve been running instances using the dungeon finder, whether you love it or you hate it, how are you coming towards your title or your Perky Pug? Are you running for badges and gear upgrades, or are you running for lack of anything better to do? Maybe you have your pug already? Let me know in the comments!

The Wangs of Warcraft


I will warn you now, this post will be juvenile.

Now, with the warning out of the way – this came out of one of the live podcasts, the WoW Insider Show, where I like to try and hang out in the chat every Saturday as the show is recorded live (and catch the pre-and-post shows, which are amazingly fun and funny) – and during one of the shows the topic came up from Turpster, of TurpsterVision and Movielicious and also of course, of, came up with the idea of doing a regular segment called the “Wangs of Warcraft,” where they discuss things in Azeroth that…well…look like wangs but aren’t.

Well, you can imagine how far that idea went, right? Not far at all – and to that end, they had to stop the segment after a show or two because they were risking their clean tag and family friendly status on iTunes. So what did they do? Start their own blog, of course, over at Tumblr, called The Wangs of Warcraft!

The entire site is user submitted, so if you come across something that looks like a wang like some others have, send it in to their email address and watch it get published!

When Games Collide: WoW is Still Alive


Click the image above to embiggen and enjoy the hilarity.

The best part is that she (Macilore, my beloved guildmate) did this entirely from memory.

Blizzard Brings Cataclysm to PAX!


Over at the World of Warcraft Livejournal Community, user Tisoi went to PAX and posted some great photo spoils from Blizzard’s presence at the convention. Among other things, Blizzard brought Diablo III, Starcraft 2, and World of Warcraft: Cataclysm in playable form and set up kiosks so visitors to the convention could get some hands-on time with their upcoming offerings.

The photos are pretty nice and pretty large (you can click the one above to embiggen), and show the Worgen and Goblin starting areas in pretty good detail. It’s clear that the Worgen and the Goblin models are different from the ones already in-game and are already much more detailed. Things look pretty polished right now, which I imagine would fool some people into thinking that the expansion is close to release, but I still think we’re looking at a November 2010 release at the earliest.

In any event, head over to the thread at the WoW LJ community to see the photos like the one above, and drool with me.

Ezra Chatterton Immortalized as an Elder

If you’re not familiar with the story of Ezra Chatterton, you owe it to yourself to read one of the most personally compelling stories I’ve ever read about a boy who loved life and loved World of Warcraft.

Sadly, Ezra passed away several months ago, but his legacy lives on inside World of Warcraft in a number of ways; including the Merciless Crossbow of the Phoenix (specially crafted to his specifications), and now, with his presence as Elder Ezra Wheathoof during the Lunar Festival.

The quality of the screenshot above isn’t great, but it’s enough to see that he’s there on Elder Rise in Thunder Bluff in a column of moonlight, with a trusty Phoenix Hatchling pet at his side. It’s a beautiful and fitting memorial, and here’s hoping he’ll be a mainstay of the festival elders.

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