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Cataclysm Talent Tree Previews!

Blizzard unveiled some previews of what the Cataclysm talent trees will look like based on some of the changes they’re making in the alpha test, and has the scoop, including a wealth of analysis on the tree previews that have been released.

So far, Rogues have had their trees previewed, along with druids, shamans, and priests. Now has had their columnists dissecting some of the specific trees and specs to reflect on what the trees may mean, so click through as the new columns are added. It’s pretty big news, and it’s a little unlike Blizzard to let news this major out unless we’re closer to a Cataclysm beta than we may have originally thought. Here’s hoping!

Seeing How the Other Half Lives

With Blizzard recently announcing the inclusion of Dranei shamans and Blood Elf paladins, the gulf between the Alliance and the Horde is now even greater. In a game balance sense, there is more parity between them, but I foresee an even deeper fracture between players. Faction loyalty is pretty rampant as it is, as I recently observed.

I wanted to explore the Horde content, so I made a shaman. How many people do the opposite, explore the Horde content so they can make a shaman?

Shaman: The First Ten Levels

You might recall, gentle reader, how I sought a new place and a new race. My desire to explore Horde content is not abated by Scourge invasions and fireworks – I have a new class to learn!

My new character is Stibbins, on Eitrigg. He is a shaman, or shammy, in the parlance of our times. I had very little knowledge of this class. I knew that a) they drop totems and b) they enrage the Alliance.

I did zero research. I want the shammy to show me what it can do, not some loudmouth in the forums.

For the Horde! Um, For Real This Time!

I’m getting a little antsy with my main, and a little bored with my alts. With the exception of one level 18 Undead Rogue, I have yet to really experience the Horde content. There’s a whole other game over there (so I’ve heard), and I’d love to see what the Bad Guys have in store for me.

So, there’s something I need from you lovely readers: what server should I join?

I ask this only because I don’t make friends very easily when I just drop into a new server; I like to have at least one or two ready-made buds to chat with while I grind up my levels. A kick-ass and friendly social guild might be nice, too. A few caveats: I know I’m going to play a Shaman (only class I have yet to try, even a little), I’m a somewhat busy person and thus casual player, and I get along with anybody who can put a sentence together.

Any suggestions? Anybody want to be my friend? Anybody want to make another alt and enjoy the other side with me?

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