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Notes from the Blizzard Developer Q&A, No.3

The third round of Blizzard’s developer Q&A just finished, and most of the questions and answers this round focused on UI elements and usability changes. The questions and answers this time were really good for those folks who are passionate about the look and feel of World of Warcraft, and how players play and interact with the game. The full thread is here.

Here are a couple of the highlights, especially some of the questions and answers that I’m particularly enamored with, starting off with the “is it possible to raid without add-ons/are add-ons making the game too easy” question we hear all too often:

Q: Some Addons are so powerful they simplified the game content to a degree (e.g., boss fights). Do you think that when the majority are using these Addons, the original reasoning behind the game design is violated? And isn’t it unfair for players who don’t use Addons? – 冷影幽光 (Taiwan)

A: This really deserves a long answer. It sounds like a good topic for a future developer blog. To tide you over until then, we can say that some addons do a great job of providing information we really should be providing (and have long-term plans to provide).This includes information like threat, the distance you are from other players , when you have a killer debuff on you and things like that. On the other hand, when addons are too helpful, they are playing the game for you and you’re just doing what the addon tells you to do. When the mod tells you so much information about the fight that you don’t even really need to pay attention to what is happening in the world at all, then we feel that crosses the line. I don’t know that we could put the djinn back in the bottle at this point though. It would feel really harsh to prevent addons from tracking some of that information, and in some cases we’re not even sure how we would prevent it.

We continue to try and come up with new mechanics that ask players to pay attention to the fight itself instead of just pushing whatever button the addon tells them to push. You might be alerted to when Atramedes emits a Sonar Pulse, but you don’t know where it is going to be. Sinestra’s Twilight Slicer requires you to look at the battle field and not just your UI. To be fair, we are also trying to do a better job of telegraphing to players when bosses will use predictable abilities. The Conclave of Wind and Nefarian for example do their special abilities at predictable intervals along their resource or health bar.

It is a fine line to decide when an addon becomes mandatory. Ideally you could raid without any addons, and some players do. Information is often power in complex raid encounters though, and we agree that in some cases we don’t provide enough information yet. Does that mean Blizzard needs to replicate some of the screenshots produced by players who install thirty mods and completely overhaul their UI? Probably not. Our raid UI is a good example of what we are going for. It provides enough information for many players (and we have plans to add more to it overtime). It’s not going to incorporate the favorite feature of every raider out there, and for them, a very customizable third-party addon is a perfectly reasonable solution.

That’s fabulous – although unlike the devs, I don’t know anyone who raids without add-ons. In fact, I know more guilds who require them than that don’t, and the only people I know who raid without add-ons are the kind who are too stubborn to install them, simply don’t know how, or are perfectly okay skating along and letting other guild members carry them through raids and dungeons instead of contributing, but I’m sure there are some people out there who are more naturalist and prefer to simply play the game the way it was designed.

Q: Would you please implement a feature that allows players to change the order of their characters on the Character select screen? – 흑풍육손 (Korea), Fanahlia (North America/ANZ), Perle (Latin America)

A: Sure. Does 4.2 work for you? :)

And boom goes the dynamite!

That was the bulk of it – there are a couple of questions that I seriously can’t believe people asked, much less wanted: like the topic of being able to buy things directly from chat (an attempt to circumvent the limitations of mail/auction house location/player location in order to quickly buy things) and the whole “I’m tired of paging through mail to get items one at a time,” point.

I can identify a little more with the latter though, I understand how frustrating it can be, especially if you’re sending yourself items, to have to load up your bags and then mail items to yourself one at a time. At the same time though, there are add-ons (like Postal, for example) that allow you to streamline the process – and the people who know about those add-ons and use them are likely the ones who will get the most benefit: eg, the people who use the AH the most, or mail themselves lots of things frequently. Everyone else probably doesn’t care so much.

So what do you think? What would you ask the devs if you had an opportunity to ask them about user interface and gameplay questions?

Discussion :: What Are Your Favorite Add-Ons?

Most guilds require their players to have at least some add-ons that make raiding and doing 5-man dungeons more bearable – threat meters like Omen and boss-fight helpers like Deadly Boss Mods, but while those add-ons are functional, and while they may be some of your favorites because playing the game without them can be less fun, let’s hear about some of your favorite add-ons for World of Warcraft!

What are some of the add-ons that have customized or tweaked your interface or your gameplay style to the point where if something happened to them you’d be lost, or at least looking for a suitable replacement? Are there any that have gone out of development that you miss to this day? Sound off in the comments and we’ll use your favorites in an upcoming feature!

After the transfer………

Last night my main, Deadicus made the jump to a new realm, Eitrigg and re joined his old buddy and dueling partner Bolt. The transfer went well and took all of 20 minutes to complete, yahooo.

Now the bad news…….. 6 months worth of interface development and addon fine tuning is UP IN SMOKE. When I started up Dead on Eitrigg all my custom interface, addons and macro preferences got left behind on Stormrage, or at least in the Stormrage folder. I figured out how to move my macro files over and now all 60 of my macros are available. But, I can’t figure out which addon .lua files to move to restore my addpn preferences. I’ve made copies and dropped them in all the folders I can think of with no luck. Anyone got any suggestions for which files need to get moved and to where I should move them?

Before anyone asks…… YES, they are enabled and up to date from todays patch.

New Flexbar UI


The other day I posted about my new UI based on Discord Action Bars which is commonly referred to as Flexbar without all the coding. Today Jonas Luster posted a screenshot of his Flexbar based UI along with some details of what’s going on. Since the shot looks like it was taken mid raid there’s a lot going on, I’d love to see what it looks like without being in a group or having anything targeted.

Nostromo N52


The learning curve is steep but the speed makes it worth the investment of time and money. Imagine not having to look at your keyboard or having to mouse click a talent on screen. I’ve got Deadicus, lvl 57 warrior all set up with three stance modifier keys and all his talents accessible with my left hand. My right hand is on the mouse for click and double clicking. My eyes never leave the screen and I don’t have to grab those quick glances at the keybindings. Since it’s only day 1.5 with the N52 I’m still messing up in ultra fast 2-3 mob pve but I figure another 3-4 weeks and I’ll be as good as ever.

First try with DAB

After a month a pestering by Michael I finally took the plunge and set up Discord Action Bars. I’d been running quite a few UI mods prior to this but what I wanted was less stuff on my screen, not more and DAB seemed to offer just that. In hindsight I’m kind of pissed that I didn’t take a “before” image, but I’m sure this post will serve as the “before” with my next round of tweeks. This was my first try, but I think I have something pretty workable at the moment. Here’s what the UI looks like for Paineater, my lvl 41 undead shadow priest, in default mode – that is with no targets selected (basically for just running around):


Before I get asked, that circular health bar around my toon is SM Unit Frames, the info at the top is Titan Bar and the XP bar at the bottom is BEB. So how do I do anything? Good question, keep reading to see some of the other modes.

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